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Biden campaign plasters Miami with ‘Dark Brandon’ meme ahead of Republican debate

The Biden-Harris campaign is putting up 1,000 signs featuring the “Dark Brandon” meme around the venue for the GOP presidential debate in Miami today, it said.

The meme is an online image of President Joe Biden with red laser eyes, meant to portray the president as powerful. The name stems from the Republican rallying cry, “Let’s Go Brandon,” which is a euphemism for an expletive against Biden. But White House staffers began embracing the “Dark Brandon” meme last summer, and the president’s re-election campaign has used it as an icon, too.

Joe Biden's campaign placed "Dark Brandon" signs outside the site of the GOP presidential debate in Miami today.
Joe Biden’s campaign placed “Dark Brandon” signs outside the site of the GOP presidential debate in Miami today.Sarah Dean / NBC News

A lot of the campaign’s merchandise features the imagery, and it is also the profile image on the Biden account on Truth Social, the social media platform started by former President Donald Trump.

Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz echoed Biden’s internet alter ego in a statement: “To Republicans running to strip away abortion rights, gut social security and Medicare, and undermine our democracy: You better watch out, Jack.”

Joanna Swanson

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