A Dallas-area resident is safe today thanks to the courage and quick wits of a Fox weather reporter.

Heavy rains flooded the Texas city on Monday. In some areas, as much as 15 inches fell in just 24 hours, causing massive flooding that left many drivers stranded or stranded at home.

Despite the rain, a woman Stephanie CarollShe left home as usual in the early hours of the morning to pick up her daughter. Because of the early morning darkness, Carroll couldn’t tell the floodwaters were as deep as they were — until it was almost too late. By this time, Carroll had driven so far into the water that her car actually began to float.

“I thought I was dying,” she later recalled. “I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to drown.”

Luckily, Atlanta-based Fox weather correspondent Robert Ray had stationed himself nearby for a live broadcast and spotted Carroll in distress. He first tried to steer their floating car to higher ground, but when that didn’t work, he eventually helped Carroll exit through the passenger window. Ray then got her and her bag to safety before exiting the vehicle.

“As I was standing here preparing to take the shot, she literally pulled in and didn’t realize it,” Ray said afterwards. “Next thing you know, her car was floating. So I went out and tried to push her vehicle as best I could.”

Most of the rescue was captured on film:

“I’m alright. I’m fine, by the grace of God,” Carroll said beam after they were both firmly on solid ground.

Fox 4 Dallas’ Shannon Murray also happened to be there and witnessed Ray’s rescue. She described the whole situation as “dreadful.”

Carroll thanked Ray on Air for helping her escape, calling him “a blessing from God.”

Although most of the rain has cleared, Dallas still has a very slim chance of it continuing to rain the next day or so. A flood warning valid until at least 3:45 p.m. local time on Wednesday. It’s unclear how many roads in the area remain flooded and impassable.

https://www.theblaze.com/news/a-blessing-from-god-fox-reporter-rescues-woman-from-rising-flood-waters-in-dallas ‘A Blessing From God’: Fox reporter saves woman from rising flood waters in Dallas

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