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After Taylor Swift, does Kelly Clarkson wish to re-record her early hits? Find out


Kelly Clarkson, the voice behind unforgettable hits, might be taking a cue from Taylor Swift’s playbook. Swift boldly reclaimed her musical legacy by re-recording her albums, and now, the 41-year-old pop sensation is eyeing a similar path. During a conversation at SiriusXM’s Next Generation Industry & Press Preview event in New York City, Clarkson hinted at the possibility of giving her early classics a fresh spin.

Clarkson introduced a channel tailored for fans

Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift

In a candid chat with PEOPLE, Clarkson revealed her contemplation of producing “better-with-age” renditions of certain tracks from her youth. Unlike Taylor Swift’s motive of reclaiming ownership, Clarkson’s motivation is, “I don’t really want to re-record to own it. Some things I do want to kind of re-record because I think I’m better with age, vocally,” she shared.

Clarkson introduced her new SiriusXM channel, Kelly Clarkson Connection, promising a musical journey through her favorites. However, not all of her early songs will make the cut. “Well, I think the banned ones are only because I don’t like how I sound,” she confessed. The channel will also feature beloved fan-favorites and hidden gems, offering a unique audio experience.

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Clarkson’s nostalgic playlist

Kelly Clarkson

Miss Independent from 2003 is in Clarkson’s sights for a potential revamp. She humorously remarked on “young Kelly” sounding “fresh” and “green.” Despite her reservations about certain tracks, fans need not worry; Clarkson assured that Miss Independent would still find its place on her SiriusXM station.

Kelly Clarkson Connection aims to be a haven for fans, featuring lesser-known songs, deep cuts, and the hits that listeners crave. SiriusXM’s president, Scott Greenstein, emphasized that the channel was a natural extension of Clarkson’s multi-faceted entertainment career.

As the music world watches Taylor Swift set the trend, Kelly Clarkson’s potential journey into re-recording promises a nostalgic and melodious treat for fans. Stay tuned with Pinkvilla to witness if the pop powerhouse decides to give her early hits a fresh and mature twist!

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