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Ahead of Gen V’s season finale, know 5 shocking revelations made in The Boys spin-off so far


Gen V has proved to be a deserving successor of The Boys. The show dives deep into the diabolical world of supes and Vought, giving the audience an even closer look at the rotten world of superheroes that aren’t really heroes. The premiere season of Gen V has been just as gory and twist-filled as its predecessor.

All episodes of the show ended in a cliffhanger leaving the audience at the edge of their seat by the end of of it. And from the looks of it the finale is not going to be any different, so today we’ve put together the top 5 mind-blowing twists and turns to run your memory before watching the last episode of season 1.

5. Jordon and Andre’s memories

Episode 6 of Gen V was full of new twists, and turns, especially just how much of the group had let Luke down in the past. When we first meet Jordon, Luke, Andre, and Cate, the audience is led to believe just how strong the gang’s bond is with each other, but this episode proves that all of Golden Boy’s friends have backstabbed for their gain. Cate cheated on Luke with his best friend, Andre, while Jordon decided to ignore the red flags Brink showed when they got to be the professor’s T.A.

4. Victoria Newman is a blood-bender

Victoria Newman has been a terrifying character in The Boys’ universe, half because she’s pretended to be the good guy in front of the general public, and half because she’s a supe in disguise, working for her adoptive father, Stan Edgar. One of the major twists came in episode 7 when Vic revealed herself as not only the benefactor of Marie but also revealing her true powers. So far in the series, fans have been made aware of the rarity of blood-bending powers, that’s why it comes as a total surprise when Vic is revealed to have more than just her signature, head-popping powers.

3. Cate had been erasing everyone’s memories about The Woods

It’s fair to say, that most of the fandom by the end of episode 4 had theorized that Rufus had something to do with the gang’s memory being wiped off. But soon enough, the truth was revealed when Marie ran to Cate to tell her, she found a tracker in her body, only to have have memory wiped once again. Sam informs Emma that it was Luke’s girlfriend, who was making him forget about his brother’s existence. Leading to a tense climax in Episode 5, when Cate has to come clean, to stop Andre from killing Rufus.

2. Indira Shetty’s family died because of Homelander

Perhaps one of the biggest shocks this season came when Indira Shetty’s tragedy had links to The Boys season 1. When Marie and Jordon sneak into Shetty’s office, they find out her family died in the Trans Ocean Flight 37 crash, which the fans instantly knew was the accident caused by Homelander in the first season of the original series. This gives the Dean of God U the perfect villain origin story, making her into the mass manipulator we know her to be in Gen V. The motives were made clear when she met up with Grace Mallory to inform her of the supe-killing virus she’s been developing.

1. Godolkin University is a front for The Woods

Everything came to a head when the whole gang, minus Andre, found out not only about Shetty’s motives but also about the true nature of the university. All this while, the audience, and the young supes believed The Woods was just an underground facility being run by Vought under the university. But the real truth was, that the university was built in the first place to not only distract from The Woods but also accommodate it. As Indira put it to the gang, “You’re not here to study, the school is here to study you.” The behavioral scientist that the prestige school is named after wanted to study supes, and how to control them.

Meanwhile, this revelation also led to Cate believing the supes must kill humans, before they kill them, which in turn is all set to tie into the season finale’s conflict.

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