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American Idol finalist Colin Staff was criticized by netizens for his old social media posts; Read the details


American Idol finalist Colin Staff, 18, is now getting attention for all the wrong reasons. After the musician made it into the top 10 of the popular reality show last Sunday, some of his social media posts from 2020 and 2021 have resurfaced online. Netizens aren’t entirely happy with the offensive and disturbing content in Colin Stough’s old Facebook posts and have been calling out the singer for his insensitivity.

Netizens slam Colin Staff for ‘offensive’ posts

In the first Facebook post, originally published in July 2020, Colin Staff is seen holding a large wild cat he has been hunting and killing. A nonprofit organization that supports the practice of hunting shared his photo with the wild cat’s body on Facebook with the caption: “Congratulations!!! Colin Stough for accomplishing a little predator control and meat in the fridge.” Netizens, especially the loyal followers of American Idol, were clearly taken aback by the musician’s insensitive behavior, and were criticizing him for his harshness.

Check out the post below:

Colin Staff Facebook post

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In the second photo, posted in June 2021, Colin Staff shared a meme, comparing an African-American man in slouchy pants to the Confederate War Memorial, which was erected in 1906 in Covington, Georgia. “How does a statue in the same place for 100 years suddenly become offensive and men walk around in public with an a** not showing aggression? Are people really that ignorant?” The singer captioned his message.

Colin Staff Facebook post

Netizens criticize Colin Staff for his insensitivity

Netizens, especially fans of the American Idol program, criticized the young musician for his social media posts, describing him as insensitive, insulting and disgusting. “Does American Idol have another Caleb Kennedy on their hands?” A disappointed netizen asked. Another user commented: “He’s a guy so let’s hope he gets over this and quickly. And not just for TV.” One netizen said, “I don’t care about his politics – I won’t vote for him.” Another comment read: “Agreed it was disgusting and should be something to hold him accountable. Not sure if the show will do anything about it.”

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