Aquaman and the Lost KingdomThe delayed release date of has fans questioning which actor could reportedly be starring as Batman.

Scenes with Michael Keaton returning to the role were filmed but later replaced with a performance by Ben Affleck due to continuity issues surrounding the role Aquaman Consequence. The film’s original release was planned to be months before Keaton reprises the role in June 2023 The Lightningcorresponding The Hollywood Reporter.

However, Warner Bros. announced this on Wednesday Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was pushed back to December 2023, leading some to question whether Keaton’s rumored performance in the film would be restored. Keaton was also slated to star as Batman in the proposed HBO Max spin-off bat girl that year before the film was abruptly shelved despite completion.

“Wait, they reportedly replaced Keaton’s Batman scene(s) with Batfleck in this one because their release was delayed before #TheFlash comes out and it wouldn’t make sense to have Keaton before that,” Twitter user @MattBCTucker wrote in response to messages from the Aquaman Delay in continuation. “Now it’s back to The Flash. Will they use Keaton again? #Aquaman2.”

“Now that Aquaman 2 has been delayed it’s coming out after The Flash, so why would we still see Ben Affleck in Aquaman 2 when Keaton is supposed to replace him after The Flash?!?” the journalist tweeted Matt Ramos.

“Now I’m wondering if Aquaman will come out AFTER the FLASH,” the author wrote Timothy Dowling tweeted. “They’re going to put Michael Keaton back in Batman instead of Affleck.

“More DC delays,” the film critic tweeted Zaki Hassan. “Now that #Aquaman is scheduled back after #TheFlash, does that mean they’re going to switch it back to Keaton-as-Bruce?”

Some speculated the delay in the film’s release could be related to star Amber Heard losing a defamation lawsuit brought by ex-husband Johnny Depp earlier this year, with millions having signed online petitions demanding Heard be removed from the film.

“Warner Bros pushed Aquaman 2 back by 8 months… We’re finally replacing Amber Heard, right?” user @amicacream tweeted.

“Aquaman 2 was delayed 9 months to December 2023 due to ‘needing more time in the mail,’” tweeted Morgan Tremaine, who testified during the trial between Depp and Heard. “Could be editing and special effects… could digitally swap Johnny’s face for Mera. Who knows.”

“I have a feeling Amber Heard will be replaced after Aquaman 2 was delayed.” @chancellor_p tweeted.

Others speculated that the delay could be bad news for Keaton fans, as all three of his recent appearances as Batman could potentially go unseen.

Aquaman 2 Batman Ben Affleck Michael Keaton
Ben Affleck, left, while walking in New York City on September 26, 2021; Michael Keaton, right, during an awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California August 14, 2022. Fans speculated on Wednesday which actor could reportedly star as Batman in ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ after the film’s release date was pushed back.
Left: Gotham/GC Images, Right: Kevin Winter/Getty

While Warner Bros. hasn’t announced any plans to cancel the release of The Lightningthe recent controversy surrounding star Ezra Miller has left many wondering if the film will move forward as planned.

“Michael Keaton has shot scenes for three different DC projects as Batman, and we may never get to see any of that,” said the film critic Stephen Libbey tweeted.

“We will never see a single frame of Michael Keaton as Batman,” he tweeted @danburden1138.

news week has reached out to Warner Bros. for comment. Aquaman 2 Release Delay Raise Batman Casting Questions

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