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Are Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling related? When Jake Gyllenhaal gave an EPIC answer solving the query


Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling—what’s the correct name? Still wondering? Well, they are both bonafide actors in Hollywood and have an immense fan following. And yes, they are two different individuals. Reynolds is widely known for his part in Deadpool, while without Gosling, we wouldn’t have gotten Noah Callhoun from The Notebook. Similarly, he is widely known for romantic comedy roles like The Notebook and La La Land, and let’s not forget Gosling’s depiction of Ken in Greta Gerwig’s chart-buster Barbie. But do you also wonder if the two actors with the same name are related or not? Well, thanks to WIRED, they helped us out. In 2017, Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal shared light and cleared fans confusion as they answered the most frequently asked questions about Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. Check out their answers.

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Are Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling related?

In 2017, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds appeared on Wired and answered the internet’s most burning questions. While most of the questions revolved around their lives and movies, among those was a basic misconception people had about whether or not Reynolds and Ryan Gosling were related. Before the Deadpool star could answer, Glyenhaal had an epic reply.

When the question came, “Is Ryan Gosling related to Ryan Reynolds?” Gyllenhaal immediately answered. He said, “Canada had sex with America, and then they mated the two of them, and they are twins, and both of them tried to mate in the womb but they didn’t. They survived, and because of the trauma, they both became actors, and that’s why they are who they are.” Reynolds replied, “I can’t feel my life.”

This is an old tale: the two actors have been confused for one another, and fans have always wondered if they are related. Well, they aren’t. Reynolds is the brunette one, and Gosling is the blonde one.

Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling on the work front

Ryan Reynolds is most known for his performance in the film Deadpool. He joined the franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe after getting tremendous accolades for his performance. Reynolds was most recently featured in Netflix’s original sci-fi thriller, The Adam Project, which was released in 2022. He is presently concentrating on his team, Wrexham AFC, which he purchased with his old buddy Rob McElhenney. Meanwhile, it is rumored that he might be working on another Deadpool sequel, which is rumored to release next year.

 On the other hand, Ryan Gosling portrayed the iconic Ken doll in Greta Gerwig’s plastic live-action film Barbie, which received a lot of love and praise worldwide. Gosling’s Barbie is possibly one of the biggest films of this year. After his recent movie, Gosling was seen on a beach vacation with his family.

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