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Are they the couple behind the ‘worst art job list of all time?’


Earlier this week, the internet lost its collective mind over a job listing for a high profile ‘art world family’ that seemed to pack seven jobs into one – from babysitter to ‘travel agent.

Now, there’s speculation that the power couple in question is top artist Tom Sachs and his fashion influencer wife, Sarah Hoover, who are two of the hottest art and fashion scene in the world. New York.

The job posting was originally posted on the Filthy Dreams site under the headline “Found it: The Worst Job Listing Ever”. The post went so viral that it even ended up being covered in The New York Times.

In an update to the original blog post, the author wrote: “UPDATE: I get information, both secret and not-so-secret (see comment below), that the list is allegedly from Tom Sachs and Sarah Hoover.”

Tom Sachs and Sarah Hoover kiss.
Sachs and Hoover are two of New York’s hottest art and fashion scenes.

Respected art world publication ArtNet also speculated that potential employers could be the couple.

Page Six made several attempts to reach the couple, but got no response.

In the much-maligned job advertisement, the poor potential employee’s duties were listed as serving “as a central point of communication with household staff (including the chef, nannies, landscapers, dog walkers, wife housekeepers, contractors and building managers)”, as well as babysitting the couple’s child, picking up clothes from “high-end” stores, “maintaining the rooftop garden of an apartment” and what curiously called maintaining “canine systems” for “potty breaks, food, daycare, dog walkers, vet appointments. ”

Sarah Hoover and Tom Sachs
The post listed numerous tasks with the sole purpose of “making the couple’s life easier in every way possible.”
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

The right candidate had to be “flexible to be on call outside of the work day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.” and should “respond to messages and take care of tasks before and after work, as well as occasionally on weekends” , all for “$65,000 to $95,000.”

And, of course, the employee will have to sign an NDA.

“The ideal candidate should be dedicated to one simple goal: to make the couple’s life easier in every way possible,” said the listing, which has now been retired.

Sarah Hoover
Whoever would be hired would have to sign an NDA.
Getty Images for W magazine

Several commenters on the original blog post claimed to have previously worked for the couple.

“I was his registrar and it was truly one of the worst experiences of my life,” one commenter said. “I don’t think he even knew my name and I had to take care of his child more than once. I constantly had to do homework for his family and his wife Sarah who never appreciated anything.

Another claimed: ‘I know for a fact it was Tom Sachs and his wife Sarah, who worked there and did half the things on this list under a different title and watched people do it too.’

Tom Sachs, Sarah Hoover
Several people claimed on the Filthy Dreams blog that they worked for Sachs.
Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Sachs’ work has been seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Guggenheim and the Whitney. He is known for his space program sculpture series and recently created an NFT project with metaverse platform Monaverse called “the final frontier”.

Hoover previously worked at Gagosian and sits on the board of various arts organizations. She is frequently spotted around town at glamorous events and regularly shows off her designer outfits to her more than 42,000 Instagram followers.

The couple have a son, a dog and a rooftop garden.

The New York Times pointed out that “what immediately blew up the blog post on the internet was that it was only slightly crazier than the types of jobs many young people have – overeducated assistants, AMF underemployed, all the well-dressed hordes of the exploited – already supported to set foot in what looks like the glamor of the art world.

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