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Bangalore traffic jam helps groom flee day after wedding, wife alleges affair


Bengaluru’s traffic is a headache for anyone commuting in the city, but for a newlywed groom, the heavy traffic jam proved helpful when he avoided his wife. The incident was reported to have occurred on February 16 near Mahadevpura engineering corridor.

According to a report from the Times of India news platform, the couple got stuck in traffic on their way back from the church. The groom saw an opportunity in the traffic jam, opened the car door and ran. The woman tried to chase him, but couldn’t because of the traffic, and the groom fled.

The reports added that the couple got married on February 15 and the groom had an affair with another girl, which he continued after the marriage. In a police complaint on March 5, the woman alleged that his husband’s affair partner was blackmailing him and threatening to release their intimate photos on social media.

“I was made aware of this affair even before the marriage, but I agreed to marry him as he had promised to leave her,” the woman told Times of India.

The woman added that her husband used to work in his father’s company in Karnataka and Goa. While running the business in Goa, he had an affair with another girl, about which the woman was informed.

“He was scared after the girl he had an affair with blackmailed him. He then decided to run away. He also showed suicidal tendencies. I hope he is safe and will return soon,” his wife added.

Police are looking for the groom and reportedly haven’t found him yet.

Joanna Swanson

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