Big Brother Naija’s ‘Level Up’ housemate, Chomzy’s mother, is soliciting for votes on her daughter’s behalf.

Chomzy’s mother pleaded with Nigerians over her daughter’s behaviour.

Since Biggie merged the house after the Sunday night eviction, housemates had been clashing.

A rumour made rounds in the house that Groovy and his supposed girlfriend, Phyna, had oral s3x under the duvet.

The rumour started with Amaka, who last week had a chat with Chi chi from Level 1 during their game task.

Amaka spilled to her all the happenings in Level One house, including that of Daniella and Khalid, Groovy and Phyna.

Chichi, who doesn’t keep a secret, downloaded it to Bella and then told her best friend and confidant, Chomzy. Bella warned Chomzy to be careful of Groovy as she didn’t trust his intentions towards her.

Chomzy, who has a crush on Groovy, confronted him over the rumours.

A very shocked Groovy felt Phyna was the instigator of such rumours and confronted her.

Things escalated from there as Phyna tried getting to the root of it.

Phyna confronted Amaka, who denied giving away such information. Chichi and Bella also denied spilling such information.

The house turned against Chomzy as they attacked her for spreading false information and trying to stir up drama.

Chomzy maintained her stand, saying it was Bella who told her.

After the fight, Chomzy stated that she had realised her true nature of Bella.

“The person I consider a friend just denied me. Even peter did not deny Jesus like this”.

Pleading on her behalf, her mother asked Nigerians to forgive her for her behaviour and vote for her.

She congratulated her daughter on her big win as the first female head of house.

According to her, it was God’s way of rewarding her daughter for the lies heaped on her.

“The God of Chomzy answers prayers. I am so happy that she won today, The Head of House. Please, I know that Chioma would have said something against you people, I am pleading on her behalf, forgive her and vote for her. I love you all. God bless you all”.

Some reactions culled below:

symply_prayz: eeeyaah Kess’s wife also said this

prettyedison3: Madam wait fess na she’s not up yet for eviction

zee_coco: Emotional manipulation don’t manipulate us mummy we go vote for who we want. Thankssssssss

emimaynails: They’ve started o

houseofjaycee_ng: It’s the way the parent of the contestants are rooting for their kids

ecstacyempire: This post is not necessary cos she has done nothing to anybody please

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