Finding his new life at Davis & Main a little too perfect, Jimmy’s even uninterested in the beautiful home the law firm has provided him with. He looks for some food in the fridge, tosses some worthless art around his living room and staircase, and then heads straight back to the comfort of the nail salon. Nothing like a good night’s sleep from the law offices of James McGill Esquire!

14. Season 1 Episode 9 “Pimento”

Chuck (Michael McKean) and Jimmy have nary a happy scene in Better Call Saul, especially in the present timeline. The opening to season one’s best episode is a couple minutes of brotherly bliss, McGill-style. 

Jimmy tries to get Chuck to calm down after an anxiety attack due to his electromagnetic sensitivity by taking his shoes off and feeling the grass between his toes. The serene, fleeting moment of these two characters getting along is a calm before the storm, as Jimmy will find out Chuck has been sabotaging his law career yet again by the end of the episode. 

13. Season 5 Episode 2 “50% Off”

The beginning of the fifth season sees Jimmy trying to fully transform into Saul Goodman mode to gain more clients in the New Mexican criminal underworld. He even stoops so low as to offer 50% off a non-violent felony charge, and he doesn’t really think about the results of opening this can of worms. 

We, on the other hand, get the pleasure of following along with two of the goofy imbeciles who paint the ABQ red. Drinking and driving, taking dope, and urinating in public are just a few of the misdeeds these knuckleheads engage in, all knowing that it’s all good, man! 50% off!

12. Season 4 Episode 5 “Quite a Ride”

Most of Better Call Saul shows the transformation of Jimmy McGill into his eventual shady alter-ego. For the first time in the middle of the fourth season, the cold open shows us a taste of that final result we remember from Breaking Bad.