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Billie Eilish reveals THIS is why she always preferred wearing baggy clothes in early years


Billie Eilish recently shared why she chose to conceal her body when starting her career, emphasizing that it wasn’t about avoiding being sexualized but rather about protecting herself from judgment.

Billie Eilish reveals reason for wearing baggy clothes

The seven-time Grammy winner, known for her baggy clothing, explained during a recent Variety’s The Power of Women issue that “I wasn’t trying to have people not sexualize me,” she added, “But I didn’t want people to have access to my body, even visually. I wasn’t strong enough and secure enough to show it. If I had shown it at that time, I would have been completely devastated if people had said anything.”

Despite her deep connections with women and acknowledging her attraction to them, the 21-year-old singer confessed to struggling with feeling “desirable” and “feminine”. Billie recalled the public’s reaction to her wearing a tank top at 16, highlighting the ongoing scrutiny she faced regarding her body. She emphasized that her decision to hide her body wasn’t rooted in rejecting her sexuality but rather in avoiding the potentially devastating impact of public comments.

Addressing the media’s focus on her body, Billie Eilish expressed frustration with the double standards between how women’s and men’s bodies are discussed. The Singer told the outlet, “I have big boobs. I’ve had big boobs since I was nine years old, and that’s just the way I am. That’s how I look,” she added, “You wear something that’s at all revealing, and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, but you didn’t want people to sexualize you? you can suck my ass! I’m literally a being that is sexual sometimes. Fuck you!”

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Billie Eilish on the difference between men and women facing scrutiny

She argued that women face unwarranted criticism regardless of their body type, while men’s bodies receive less scrutiny. The Academy Award winner added, “Nobody ever says a thing about men’s bodies. If you’re muscular, cool. If you’re not, cool. If you’re rail thin, cool. If you have a dad bod, cool. If you’re pudgy, love it! Everybody’s happy with it. You know why? Because girls are nice,” she continued “They don’t give a fuck because we see people for who they are!”

Billie passionately defended the right to express her sexuality, asserting that being a sexual being is a natural part of life and should not be subject to judgment. She underscored the need for a more positive and inclusive approach to how bodies, especially women’s bodies, are perceived in the media, emphasizing the importance of seeing people for who they truly are.

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