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Billionaire’s love child is suing his ‘evil stepsisters’ for $100 million


The love child of late billionaire and New York Magazine owner Bruce Wasserstein is suing his other five children for more than $100 million, dramatically portraying himself in court as “Cinderella” while claiming his half-siblings are the “evil stepsisters”.

Lawyers for Sky, the 15-year-old daughter of Wasserstein, the powerful ex-chairman of Lazard, and his mistress Erin McCarthy, say his other five children have repeatedly refused to give him a fair share of his estimated $2 estate. .3 billion.

Page Six can also reveal that Wasserstein’s mistress had another child, Rose, 5, who was born nine years after she died following the former couple’s creation of a number of embryos.

The court documents specifically allege that Sky’s half-sister Pamela Wasserstein – the 45-year-old chairman of Vox Media, owner of New York Magazine – is a ‘bully’ who allegedly colluded to stop him getting his inheritance. complete.

Billionaire Bruce Wasserstein's former mistress Erin McCarthy posing on a park bench with her daughters Sky and Rose.
Lawyers claim Sky is treated like ‘Cinderella’ by her ‘evil stepsisters’. Sky (right) is pictured here with her mother, Erin McCarthy, and sister Rose.
The late billionaire Bruce Wasserstein with his mistress Erin McCarthy and their baby girl Sky, sitting on his shoulders.
Wasserstein left $1 million in his will for his daughter Sky, which she never received, according to court documents.

Documents filed in New York Surrogate’s Court on Tuesday say: ‘This campaign against Sky has been pursued with particular zeal by Pam, who is Sky’s trustee despite a plethora of disputes and personal dealings.

“Pam, through her bullying, ostracism and neglect of Sky…makes even the behavior of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia seem sweet. But there is no prince charming in the Wasserstein family who comes to save Sky.

In addition to six children, Wasserstein, who died in 2009 at the age of 61, left behind a widow, two ex-wives, a mistress and four lavish residences: a townhouse in London, an apartment in Paris, a 17-acre estate in Santa Barbara, and a sprawling 27.5-acre beachfront property in East Hampton known as Cranberry Dune, valued at over $120 million.

An aerial image of the late billionaire Bruce Wasserstein's Hamptons estate, Cranberry Dune.
It is claimed that Sky is not allowed by her siblings to set foot in her late father’s sprawling Hamptons estate, Cranberry Dune.
Doug Kuntz

“Contrary to Bruce’s wishes and intentions, the sibling administrators rejected Sky’s attempts to establish a relationship with them. They also went so far as to try to erase him from the Wasserstein family tree,” reads the papers, alleging there is a “continuing conspiracy, through psychological and economic intimidation with their other siblings and faithless trustees, to deprive Sky of her rightful share of the multi-billion dollar estate.” dollars from his father and ostracizing him from the Wasserstein family.

Sky directors Pamela, Ben and Scoop Wasserstein – the children of Bruce’s marriage to his second wife, Christine Parrott – along with two others serve as “custodians of his multi-hundred-million-dollar legacy, but refuse to meet or to talk to, or have any relationship with her,” it is alleged.

Pamela Wasserstein, CEO of Vox Media, wearing a short black dress on the red carpet at the Vulture Festival 2017 Kick-Off Party at Top of The Standard at The Standard, High Line on May 19, 2017 in New York City.
Pamela Wasserstein, Sky’s estate trustee, is a “bully” to her half-sister, according to the lawsuit.

The new documents – filed in response to an accounting motion filed by Wasserstein’s estate trustees – add that Wasserstein left $1 million to Sky in her will, but alleges she never received that money.

Sky’s lawyers are asking for a settlement to be determined at trial for more than $100 million plus additional damages for his ‘ostracism’, as well as the appointment of an independent trustee.

The late billionaire Bruce Wasserstein pictured with his daughter Skye, then about a year old, on his shoulders.
Wasserstein wanted his daughter Sky to “continue to have the same quality of education as her other children,” the court documents say.

This is the latest salvo in the ongoing legal battle between Sky and the Wasserstein siblings.

In 2019, Sky’s lawyers claimed her five half-siblings were trying to deceive her about the value of her Hamptons mansion as they split her $2.3 billion estate.

McCarthy, who gave birth to Sky in 2008 while Wasserstein was still married to his third wife Claude, claimed his other children had agreed to give Sky her share of the value of her properties in cash if she and the daughter agreed never to visit the houses. .

Pam Wasserstein insisted in a 2012 court affidavit that sharing Cranberry Dune with McCarthy and Sky “would cause unimaginable stress and trauma for my brothers and me… We would rather sell these houses than live in these circumstances “.

Sky’s trust – still controlled by her siblings – was paid $6,566,700 “to fill the gap” between what she received and what her siblings took out. She also receives $30,000 a month in child support.

The late billionaire Bruce Wasserstein, wearing a black sweater and pants, holding hands with his baby daughter Sky, wearing a white dress.
Wasserstein cared so much about his daughter Sky that he had a room for her in each of his homes, according to the newspapers.
The late billionaire Bruce Wasserstein holding his newborn daughter Sky.
Sky owes his half-siblings at least $100 million, according to court documents.

Sky is already sitting on an estimated $170 million legacy. She lives with her mother in a neighborhood of Central Park West.

The Post previously reported that Wasserstein’s children – adults Pamela, Ben and Scoop, and teenagers Jack and Dash – blamed McCarthy for splitting up their family and accused him of breaking into Cranberry Dune in the middle of the night when Sky was a baby, shouting “Your father is a bastard” to his youngest sons.

McCarthy denied breaking and entering.

Sky’s attorney, power barrister William D. Zabel, told us in a statement: “No amount of money can repair the psychological damage suffered by a young woman who, since the age of 3 ( she is now 14), is the target of an insidious and relentless plot to ostracize her from her family.

The child’s co-lawyer, Taleah Jennings, added: “We seek damages for Sky in the amount of at least $100 million, which is a small fraction of what his father left behind. to his children so that they may share equally.”

Lawyers for the Wasserstein siblings did not immediately respond to us.

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