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Blonde Kim Kardashian Looks Unrecognizable in New American Horror Story: Delicate Teaser — Watch Now


Hold up, hold up! We just got out first peek at Kim Kardashian on AHS, and are we 100% sure that’s Kim Kardashian? Did I forget my glasses, or is the SKIMS founder and reality star totally unrecognizable in the new American Horror Story: Delicate teaser?

The new chapter in the American Horror Story franchise premieres on September 20, which means we’ve gotten a few teasers to stoke our appetites for whatever thrills and chills Ryan Murphy and his crew have in store. If you have arachnophobia or even the teensiest fear of spiders, you might wanna skip this season, as they appear to be a prevalent theme in Delicate.

But less about the creepy creatures and more about the beauty and fashion, because Delicate will be a true feast for the eyes. In the latest snippet, we see three of the stars — Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and Cara Delevingne — transformed into a trio of super-blondes with extreme, dramatic eyelashes, bleached brows, and bright red lips. We’ve seen Kardashian as a blonde before, of course, but this is a whole ‘nother level. The look is giving Lady Gaga circa The Fame, what with the platinum hair and circular sunglasses, or maybe a distant cousin of Gaga’s Countess from Hotel.

Courtesy of FX.

Later in the teaser, we see Kardashian caressing what appears to be a baby bump but is actually a giant spider, and when she faces the camera, you get a good look at the bleached-out brows, spider lashes, and a slick red vinyl lip. At the end of the minute-long snippet, we again see Kardashian surrounded by her fellow blondes, wearing a halter gown with a spiderweb skirt and cradling a baby, her platinum hair flowing behind her.

Joanna Swanson

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