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Chris Hemsworth Talks MCU, Thor 4 Criticism, Jeremy Renner Accident – The Hollywood Reporter


Chris Hemsworth says the criticism of MCU films by his heroes directors is “very disappointing,” and shares the mixed reviews behind it. Thor 4 It may have been the result of the film’s cast “having too much fun”.

Talking to British GQ For the profile posted on Tuesday, the extraction And Furiosa The star opened up about life after 22 series of films since appearing in the first bull. Part of that conversation focused on how Marvel films have been received and discussed within the industry over the past two decades.

Overall, Hemsworth addressed the criticisms the films faced from major directors like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, and expressed his disappointment about their comments. “It’s very disappointing when I hear that,” Hemsworth told the magazine. “There are two of my heroes that I wouldn’t work with. I guess they just aren’t my fans.”

He explains that the scrutiny of Marvel Studios films and their impact on the state of theatrical releases isn’t something he likes amid “a lot of fragility” in the industry, and adds that he doesn’t “think any of us have the answer, but we’re trying.”

“I’m grateful I was a part of something that kept people in movie theaters. Now, whether or not those films are at the expense of other films, I don’t know,” he continues. “I don’t like when we start checking each other out when there’s so much fragility in us.” The work and in this space of the arts as it is… I say this less to the directors who have made these comments, all of whom, by the way, are still my heroes, and in a heartbeat I would jump to work with any of them. But I say it more for the broader opinion on the subject.”

Hemsworth also assessed whether to return to play bull‘, stating that he enjoyed the various iterations of the character that have existed both in and outside of the solo hero franchise even though he got tired of the character pretty quickly every couple of years.

“I like to experiment,” he said. “I love the fact that I was able to do something a little bit different during the process. bull 1 and 2 were their own thing, bull 3 and 4 felt very different…then even The Avengersand Lebowski Thor , and Infinity War Thor, because of two different directors and I think mostly my own need to do something different.”

This different take came from director Taika Waititi bull: Ragnarok praise and bull: love and thunder Mixed reviews, the response to Hemsworth’s latest hit has people thinking it was absolutely ridiculous.

“I think we had a lot of fun. It just got so ridiculous,” Hemsworth said. “It’s always hard to be at the center of it and have any real perspective… I love the process, it’s always a journey. But you just don’t know how people are going to respond.”

Still, in general, he’s always open to “seeing what they have to do creatively, if there’s something new,” but for now, “I really want to do some other stuff for a while.”

some of those other things Mad Max, a role he said he had become “tired”, but in the first week of rehearsals with director George Miller, his creative energy was restored. “It was by far the best experience of my career, and something I’m more proud of than ever,” he said. British GQ. Now he is “in search of more George Millers. Or more George Millers, if he’ll get me.”

The rest of the interview was more concrete, with Hemsworth discussing how raising a family with his wife and fellow actress Elsa Pataky, the recent loss of his grandfather and the snowfall accident involving Jeremy Renner had contributed to his hiatus from acting and made him think twice about it. How does he spend his time in Hollywood and beyond?

With Hemsworth approaching 40 and after being discovered by his series no limits That he has two copies of the gene that makes him more likely to get Alzheimer’s, he said he still feels, “Like I’m 25, I’ve got plenty of time. Now I’m like, ‘Oh, I could be halfway there.'” More than half way through. ”

He said, “The fact that I’m not going to stay here forever” sinks in. “Everything matters more now. Because of the realization that this won’t last forever.”

Everything with Hemsworth is being re-evaluated after years of on-and-off projects, including how a job can take his time with Pataky and his three kids. He’s also thought more about the legacy of his work, stating “I don’t want to leave a pile of rubbish behind,” while admitting that the Internet has told him “there are a few bugs out there.”

This self-reflection was prompted in part by two other events in his life – the death of his grandfather and The Avengers A snowplow accident almost killed star Jeremy Renner. When it comes to Brenner, Hemsworth says “none” is who The Avengers The text string cast “really knew how serious it was” when it came to hook star injuries. “I think anything like that,” he said, “it’s the immediate realization of ‘Wow, any of us could go at any moment…'”.

He also spoke about his late grandfather, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and passed away at the age of 93. And if he had known, or if someone had told him in such a way that he would be remembered, how incredibly proud he would be,” Hemsworth tells.

“It made me reflect on my own life,” Hemsworth continued. “And it wasn’t about the job or anything else. It was about being remembered as someone who was good and kind and contributed something of value… I definitely don’t think about the movies I’m going to leave behind and how people will remember me in that sense. I hope people think of me fondly and that I was a person Well. You were a good man. Like my grandfather.”

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