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Christina Hendricks to Star in XYZ ‘Psycho-Thriller’ Reckoner – The Hollywood Reporter


Crazy man Co-star Christina Hendricks, linked to play the lead in Calculatea psychological thriller film based on a short story by the late Rachel Ingalls.

Screenwriter Nizar Modi (Z for Zacharias) will adapt Ingalls’ story and step behind the camera for his directorial debut. XYZ Films and Two & Two Pictures are producing, with XYZ pre-selling the project to buyers at the Cannes Film Market later this month. Calculate You will be part of XYZ’s New Visions label, a recently launched case of high-quality films from new and upcoming filmmakers.

Hendrix, whose independent film credits include the Sally Potter movie Ginger and RosaAnd driving And neon demon From Nicolas Winding Refn, you will play a wealthy woman whose carefully constructed life is threatened by a young man connected to a tight secret from her past. Moody described it as “a haunting tale of guilt, obsession, and revenge”.

XYZ Films and Two & Two Pictures have previously collaborated on features such as Babak Anvari under shadeAnd I cameAnd the next Evil history Directed by Bo Mir Hosseini. Their collaboration aims to produce films from genre one and two filmmakers from underrepresented demographics.

Contact Milla Cottray, Head of Production and Finance at Two & Two Calculate A movie that reminds us of many of our favorite psychological thrillers, such as Cape Fear or nocturnal animalsbut offers a stylized, contemporary spin on Nassar’s distinct genre.”

XYZ launched its new visionary list last month with on fire, an Urdu-language horror film directed by Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker Zarar Kan, which will premiere at the Directors’ Sidebar at Cannes. Other titles on the list of new visions include Barnaby Clay’s Tribeca Festival entry sowingRobert Hluz’s Czech science fiction story restore point — which will feature shots of buyers at the Cannes market — and Paul Doane’s upcoming Irish folk horror All you need is death.

Hendricks represents UTA, Independent Talent Group, and LINK Entertainment. Represents Moody 42 and the VanderKloot Law.

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