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Colin Staff, finalist on American Idol, talks about his journey; He says it will be “everywhere” in the end


Colin Staff is one of the top 3 contestants of Season 21 of American Idol. The 18-year-old will compete against Iam Tonji and Megan Danielle tonight on the season finale of American Idol. Colin talked about what viewers of the reality singing competition can expect from him tonight.

Colin talks about the finals

Colin is one of the finalists who made it to the top three on Season 21 of American Idol. The young singer spoke to Hollywood Life before the finale and revealed what fans can expect from his final performance. In the interview, he revealed, “I would definitely be all over with ’em, really.” Staff spoke about his plans for the finale, explaining, “I don’t really limit it to one genre. I’m just out there having fun. We all have to go home sometime.”

Coleen advanced in the race to become the next American Idol with his performance of “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn. The singer talked about his favorite song, saying, “Going into that song I kind of looked at it, it would be a hit or break moment for me. It turned out absolutely amazing.”

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Colin talks about his journey on American Idol

Colin talked about his journey on the show and admitted that American Idol taught him how to be a “better person.” Staff added, “Being able to get up and perform in front of an audience with a confidence that I’ve never had before has really helped me a lot. It’s great to know I have fans who want to listen to me.”

Colin will go head to head against Iam Tongi and Megan Danielle in the finals. Before the end, Colin decides to take a trip to his hometown in Mississippi. “I didn’t think I’d have this many fans back home,” he said in the interview. “It was all the love and support from my hometown,” the finalist added. I don’t really win it for me. I’m not really trying to win her over for me. I try to win for everyone.”

Colin talked about his plans after American Idol; The young star remarked, “Being in the music industry is something I’ve always dreamed of. I kind of have a to-do list. I have goals in my life like everyone else, and I want to keep checking them off.”

The American Idol finale is scheduled to air May 21, 2023 at 8 PM EST on ABC.

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