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Did Bella Borach cheat on her “secret” husband, whom she divorced? Here’s what we know


Bella Burak, a popular musician and social media influencer, is best known for her lip-syncing TikTok videos. The sentinel star seemed to be living her entire life in front of her 92.7 million followers, but her marriage was her best kept secret until she filed for divorce from her secret husband, Tyler Burk, in 2022.

After discovering that Bella was involved in a secret marriage that she was in the process of ending, her followers began to wonder if she was having an affair with a rapper. When allegations surfaced of her alleged adultery, her followers became curious about her divorce and relationships.

Did Bella Bowarsch cheat on her “secret husband” Tyler Boark?

Many TikTok users believed that Bella was dating rapper Tyga in September 2021. The rumors grew when the two singers were seen in several TikTok videos together. The two artists were spotted dancing to the rapper’s songs at a home in Los Angeles, according to GENIUS CELEBS.

According to reports, she claims that the pair had a steamy intimate tape that was released online. Although the video was never seen, the dating rumors persisted on the Internet. On the other hand, Bella later addressed the rumors, confirming that all the assumptions were wrong. She also mentioned that she is just a “friend” of the artist.

About Bella Borach Relationship

In November 2022, Bella filed for divorce from Tyler, using her maiden name and not asking for any spousal support. Besides Bella’s secret marriage, fans were also shocked to find out that her real family name is not Bwark but rather her husband’s name. The TikTok star’s real name is Denarie Bautista Taylor, and according to court documents, it states that the singer married Tyler in 2019.

Despite keeping her marriage private, Bella has opened up about their dates and past breakups. During an interview with H3 Podcast, the singer revealed that she has been celibate for a year.

She also discussed her stint in the US Navy after enlisting at the age of 17 to get away from her tough adoptive home. She explained, “I just remember everyone at training camp crying because they missed their mom and dad, and I was like, ‘What?’ “This is the greatest thing ever.”

Bella Burk and her tattoo dispute

Bella Burke’s current feud with her ex-husband is not her first. She was also embroiled in a tattoo dispute over her rising sun tattoo on her arm. South Koreans find the tattoo of the rising Japanese sun offensive because it represents Japan’s war flag until World War II and the country’s colonial operations in Korea.

On the other hand, Bella Burch was oblivious to the meaning of her tattoo. After the controversy, the TikTok star hid the tattoo and removed it permanently at a later date.

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