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Did Cher and fiancé Alexander Edwards split after the singer postponed their wedding? Details here


Cher and Alexander Edwards have split

Reports say that Cher and fiancé Alexander Edwards broke up “a few weeks ago.” However, a source told TMZ that they were “never engaged.” Speculation about the pair’s engagement arose when Cher posted a mysterious photo of her engagement ring in December. TMZ claimed that the pair did not marry. Cher has not denied or confirmed the engagement rumor. In January, TMZ reported that Cher told paparazzi that she was engaged to Alexander Edwards when she was seen wearing the ring. The singer flaunted her ring and told the paparazzi that the engagement was “going well.”

“But now we know they were just having fun,” the outlet recently wrote. Meanwhile, Radar Online reports that Cher pushed the breaks in the wedding. According to the sources, the spark was fading between the spouses. An insider revealed, “For a while, Cher followed this guy around like a cuddly puppy, but apparently the blinders are coming off.”

Another revealed, “Cher is starting to see Alexander in a different light.”

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Cher shocks fans with a ring photo

Rumors about Cher and Alexander Edwards’ engagement began in December when the 76-year-old singer posted a photo of a massive diamond ring. She took to Twitter to share a photo of a diamond ring inside an open box. Alexander’s hand can be seen holding the box and he’s sporting a fun manicure. The caption with the photo read, “No words, Alexander, E.”

One follower excitedly asked, “Wait, wait, wait! Is that a diamond ring or a diamond ring?????? What does that mean?????????”

Another tweeted, “It’s so beautiful [ring] And the biggest diamond I’ve ever seen, but what does this mean, mom?? “

A third added, “Oh my God, did he propose to you!!!?? Beautiful mama.”

Cher followed, saying, “Publish [the photo] Because his nails are so amazing.”

Cher’s head over heels for Alexander

Last week, Radar Online reported that a source told the outlet that Cher hoped to marry Alexander. The insider revealed, “Cher is head over heels in love.” The source went on to say, “She knows she doesn’t have much time left to find ‘the one,’ and after two failed marriages and countless disastrous boyfriends, this could be her last chance, and she’s not going to let it pass her by. Of course, her friends are concerned. When If there’s a 40-year, $400 million gap between two people, you’ve got concerns!”

A fan tweeted to Cher asking if there was a possibility the singer might remarry, “Just saw an article that you’re thinking about getting married. Hope you get some good advice from your friends and don’t jump in too quickly. Hope you make the right decision.”

The Believe singer responded to him by saying, “No… I got married and that’s why I changed my name to bless you. Not easy. It looks like the court is in pain. You have to prove that Ppl can identify you with that name. Bingo.”

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