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Did Kate Middleton copy Meghan Markle’s style during her latest appearance? Royal fans think so


The court of public opinion stirs contempt for Catherine, Princess of Wales, who they believe has copied Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Social media users took to various platforms to express their displeasure with Middleton’s fashion choices, accusing her of imitating Markle’s style.

“Absolutely creepy the way Kate Middleton copies everything Meghan wears and does. She never had an original idea of ​​her own. Meghan lives in Kate’s head rent free,” one Twitter user wrote, reflecting the sentiments of many. Another tweet claimed that “Copy Kate” once again “borrowed Meghan’s style with a replica of the dress Meghan wore at the NAACP Image Awards.”

Another incident that sparked controversy was Middleton’s appearance in a pre-recorded video for the Eurovision Song Contest final, where she wore a beautiful cascading Jenny Packham dress with a ruffled shoulder. Fans were quick to draw comparisons between Middleton’s outfit and the gown Markle wore to the NAACP Awards in 2022, designed by Christopher John Rogers.

Scrutiny of their fashion choices is a recurring theme. Cases of Middleton and Markle wearing similar outfits have been widely noted. From plaid jackets to coats and even shoes, their fashion statements have been closely analyzed.

Earlier this year, Middleton wore a blue and green blazer in Liverpool, reminiscent of a similar look Markle wore in 2018 in Edinburgh. Moreover, both of them were seen wearing similar long coats on separate occasions, which added to the controversy. Markle’s tan coat during a visit to Canada House in 2020 echoed Middleton’s choice of a similar maxi coat when she visited the Ukrainian Community Center in Reading in November.

During a pre-coronation lunch at Buckingham Palace, Middleton’s choice of a long-sleeved black and white dress paired with Aquazzura bow-tie pumps raised eyebrows, as they looked identical to shoes previously worn by Meghan Markle during royal events.

While some argue that their similar style cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence, others offer a different view. One Twitter user simplified the discussion, saying: “Meghan Markle Stans and Kate Middleton are fighting over who is copying who. In fact, they both simply have the basic styles of rich, middle-aged women.”

With the controversy still raging, it remains to be seen how Middleton and Markle will handle the scrutiny surrounding their fashion choices in the future.

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Joanna Swanson

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