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Did Katy Perry find a seat at King Charles III’s coronation? The singer comments as fans mock her for looking lost


Katy Perry became a Twitter meme after a video of the singer raising her head as she searched the church for her seat at the coronation ceremony went viral. It looked like she was struggling to find her seat with the big net hat she was wearing. Now Katy Perry has responded to being mocked on social media. The answer, the singer has “ROARed” with a sassy response.

Katy Perry at the coronation of King Charles III

In the viral video, Katy Perry can be seen stumbling awkwardly around the church while asking guests, “Is this seat free?” Twitter users mocked the missing singer for his missed appearance at King Charles III’s coronation. One user tweeted, “Lol. Just find a seat!” Another user wrote, “What an embarrassment.” Some even blamed her clothes for the problem with one viewer quipped, “She can’t see her bloody hat.”

To this online ridicule, Katy Perry gave a sarcastic response with a tweet of her own. The singer responded, taking to her Twitter and writing in a lowercase letter, “Don’t worry guys I found my seat.”

Although it seemed like that was just part of an awkward day for Katy Perry. Later on, it appears that the singer also had trouble walking in her white heels while leaving Westminster Abbey. Berry flinched, waving her arms, and lost her balance. She needed to hold the person next to her to prevent falling.

Katy Perry’s role in Coronation

Katy Perry will play an important role for the rest of the weekend for King Charles III’s coronation. The Fireworks Singer will headline the action at Windsor Castle on May 7 with Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli and the British musical trio.

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