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Did Meghan Markle attend King Charles’ coronation in disguise? Illustration by Carl Jenkins


Royal fans had their eyes wide open during King Charles III’s coronation because they couldn’t help but suspect Meghan Markle was in disguise. Many believed that Megan made a trip to the UK, and she attended the ceremony in disguise. However, going by the pictures online, Markle has been busy outing with her friends in the US. Amid all the speculation about Meghan’s ‘disguised presence’, Soft Machine’s Sir Carl Jenkins has now cleared the air.

Here’s what happened:

King Charles III’s coronation took place over the weekend. In no time, Meghan Markle went on a California trip, while her husband, Prince Harry, attended the ceremony. However, he left the venue immediately, after the ceremony.

When fans on social media saw a white-haired man wearing sunglasses and a unique mustache during the coronation ceremony, many were sure Markle was there in disguise. Sir Carl Jenkins, a composer and former member of Soft Machine, reacted the same.

Sir Carl Jenkins of Soft Machine issues a statement

“I understand there has been a lot of interest in me since I showed up at the coronation of King Charles III,” Jenkins said in the TikTok video.

He added, “I was there because I composed some music for the service. Some people assumed I was Meghan Markle in disguise, which blew me away. Someone wrote, ‘Whoever I am, I was there to steal the crown jewels.'” “”

In the video, Jenkins laughed and said, “I look that way all the time! I’ve been growing my mustache since I was 18. It was very popular back then. It’s who I am. There’s nothing sinister or shocking about it.”

For the singles, the BBC reported this week that Jenkins had composed a “charming, very Welsh” tune for the occasion, which will be performed by the Coronation Orchestra and Royal Harpist Alice Howes.

Reasons for skipping Meghan Markle coronation

Meanwhile, there are many speculations as to why Markle skipped the coronation ceremony. However, one of the main reasons was that the Duchess was busy celebrating the birthday of her son, Archie, which was on the same day as the coronation.

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