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Did Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Matt Hailey kiss Phoebe Bridgers? Fans were shocked


Matty Healy was seen kissing Phoebe Bridgers in a video that recently surfaced, and it was a development no one expected. Taylor Swift and Mattie Hailey have jointly made headlines over the past month. The two singers were rumored to be dating, after Taylor’s split from Joe Alwyn.

Matty Healy kisses Phoebe Bridgers

A recent video with Phoebe Bridgers and Matty Healy has fans wondering if the two singers are seeing each other. In a video posted by Buzzing Pop, Phoebe Bridgers can be seen walking up to Matty Healy and kissing him before continuing to perform. This caused quite a stir among all the fans of the respective singers.

Twitter reacts to the kiss

Taylor Swift fans on Twitter quickly jumped to the conclusion that Mattie Hailey cheated on Taylor Swift. The stars haven’t been confirmed dating yet, but that hasn’t stopped fans from mourning the loss of the possibility of romance. Many fans were saddened, and others were outraged, calling Matty unfaithful for cheating on Taylor.

One user tweeted, “Not his cheating *pretends to be shocked*”

Another shockedly tweeted, “Wow, it was a bait and switch that I wasn’t expecting.” While a third added with apparent glee, “Wait, that means Taylor doesn’t live up to everything we’ve won.”

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The truth of what happened

Many popular fans didn’t believe the viral video and immediately pointed out that the outlet was spreading false news without checking the footage first. Lots of users contacted the channel, commenting on the “fake news” on the tweet.

A video of the moment between Matty Healy and Phoebe Bridgers from another angle showed what really happened between the two stars. The video from another point of view showed Matty giving Phobe what looked like a friendly tap on her forehead before the star moved on with the performance.

Fans started spamming the original tweet with screenshots from the second angle proving that the news wasn’t true and what Matty and Phoebe showed was a friendly gesture.

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