In 2013, Dr. Alex Jeffrey was found guilty of killing his pregnant girlfriend, Merceda Young, and was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Despite the fact that Jeffrey was married to another woman, Merceda was 12 weeks pregnant with his child at the time of her death.

Young was found dead at the end of Division Avenue in October 2013 after having been stabbed 22 times. He was located close to the East River.

The attempted murder of Dr. Alex Jeffrey’s pregnant girlfriend Merceda Young in Williamsburg resulted in a 20-year prison sentence. Young, a mother of two, was murdered while she was about 12 weeks along with Alex’s pregnancy.

According to the study, Young and Jeffrey did not cohabitate and did not have any children despite dating for three years.

However, at the time of Young’s passing, Jeffrey was wed to a different lady, and she was also carrying his kid.

Dr Alex Jeffrey

Dr Alex Jeffrey

What Happened To Dr Alex Jeffrey? Merceda Young DNA Evidence

According to the investigation, Merceda Young was carrying Dr. Alex Jeffrey’s child. On October 28, 2013, as she was in his jeep near Kent and Division Avenues in Williamsburg, Alex Jeffrey stabbed his pregnant girlfriend 22 times.

In Williamsburg, Jeffrey took Young’s body and dropped it at the end of a dead-end street close to the East River after driving the jeep along Division Avenue.

According to the inquiry, the defendant thereafter abandoned the victim’s possessions, the knife, and his jacket in the river.

Investigators claimed that Jeffrey, a married man who had dated Young for three years, was the prime suspect when Young’s 14-year-old son disclosed that his mother’s boyfriend drove a Jeep.

On October 30, 2018, Jeffrey was apprehended close to his Bed-Stuy home. He instantly admitted to stabbing Young, covering her body with a blanket, and then washing the automobile.

More Facts On Merceda Young Murder

In 2013, Merceda Young’s boyfriend Alex Jeffrey stabbed her 22 times.

Young was three months pregnant when her stabbed death was discovered in October 2013 on a street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Her boyfriend, Alex Jeffrey, confesses to killing her and now faces 20 years in prison.

According to her neighbors, Merceda Young was a dedicated single mother who prioritized both herself and her pre-teen son and daughter.

Her 14-year-old son helped in Jeffrey’s arrest when Young’s blood was found in the Jeep by being able to tell investigators about Jeffrey’s relationship with his mother and the vehicle.

The victim’s credit cards, wallet, and phone were allegedly found in a duct-taped bag that was also found by one of Jeffrey’s coworkers, according to the prosecution.

Merceda Young

Merceda Young

Where Is Dr Alex Jeffrey Now In 2022?

The next time Alex Jeffrey will be eligible for parole is in 2038 when he is still behind bars.

He entered a guilty plea to first-degree manslaughter in July 2018, and according to the District Attorney’s office, he was sentenced in a Brooklyn court.

Jeffrey pleaded guilty and will likely spend the next 20 years behind bars.

Brooklyn Man Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing Pregnant Girlfriend to Death

According to the prosecution, a guy from Brooklyn was given a term of twenty years in jail for stabbing to death his pregnant fiancée in 2013, then throwing her body into the East River. The incident occurred in 2013.

According to the office of the district attorney in Brooklyn, a man named Alex Jeffrey, 34, of Bedford-Stuyvesant stabbed and killed his girlfriend, Merceda Young, 35, who was carrying his child at the time of her death. Merceda Young was 12 weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

In October 2013, prosecutors stated that Jeffrey stabbed Young 22 times while she was a passenger in his Jeep and then dumped her body at the end of Division Avenue in Williamsburg. After covering her body with a blanket, he dumped some of her things, the knife he used to kill her, and his own jacket into the East River. He then threw some of her items into the East River.

Prosecutors claim that although Jeffrey and Young had been in a relationship for three years prior to her passing, Jeffrey was already married to another woman.

Young also gave birth to two other children who were neither Jeffrey nor his siblings. During the course of the inquiry, her son, who is only 14 years old, was able to inform the authorities about Jeffrey’s relationship with his mother and describe the Jeep, both of which assisted in the arrest of Jeffrey when traces of Young’s blood were discovered inside the vehicle.

According to the prosecutors, one of Jeffrey’s coworkers spotted a bag wrapped in duct tape that contained the victim’s cell phone, wallet, and credit cards. The bag was found by Jeffrey.

The location data from Jeffrey’s cellphone, in addition to his previous Google searches on how to get rid of blood stains, supplied additional evidence in the case against him.

In July, Jeffrey entered a guilty plea to the charge of manslaughter.

“A pregnant woman was severely stabbed by this defendant, depriving her unborn child and her other kid of their mother. Now that he has been held accountable for his acts, he will spend a significant amount of time behind bars “Eric Gonzalez, the District Attorney for the City of Brooklyn, made the statement in a press release.

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