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Driver of ‘Booty Patrol’ truck that resembled Border Patrol is cited in Florida


A Florida man was cited this week for driving a truck that was painted similar to the look of Border Patrol vehicles but read “Booty Patrol” on the back, authorities said.

The driver was pulled over Sunday and cited under a law that deals with prohibited vehicle lights that resemble those of law enforcement or other officials, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

On Monday, the sheriff’s office posted photos of the truck on social media to raise awareness about people impersonating authorities.

Photos of the white truck showed it had “Booty Patrol” on the back and side panels with a diagonal green stripe down the side of the cab.

The white truck with “Booty Patrol” on the side.
The white truck with “Booty Patrol” on the side.DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office / via Facebook

The truck had red and blue lights and had been seen in several counties, the sheriff’s office said.

The driver was not identified in a statement the sheriff’s office posted on social media.

Joanna Swanson

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