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Emily Blunt Stars in Netflix Pharma Thriller – The Hollywood Reporter


Emily Blunt pursues a better life for herself and her young daughter only to fall with dire consequences amid a criminal conspiracy in the teaser trailer for David Yates’ Pain Hustlers, which Netflix dropped on Wednesday.

“Is that even legal?” Liza Drake (Blunt) asks Pete Brenner, played by Chris Evans, at one point in the trailer after landing a job at a failing pharma startup in a Florida strip mall. Liza’s charm, drive and guts send her into the high life, but it’s not enough to keep the company and her position safe at the center of a criminal enterprise, according to a synopsis of the film from Netflix.

The crime drama sees the pharmaceutical drug business marketing a new kind of opioid drug offering pain relief to cancer patients, which unwittingly helps spark the U.S. opioid epidemic for greed and profits. The trailer shows Liza’s life reaching riches she could have never imagined as a single mother.

The trailer release comes ahead of a world premiere for the film at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 11.

Catherine O’Hara and Andy Garcia also star in Pain Hustlers, which is the vein of Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short and will debut on Netflix Oct.  27. The streaming giant paid around $50 million for the movie at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Pain Hustlers is written by Wells Tower (The True American) and is produced by Lawrence Grey through his Grey Matter Productions banner and Wychwood Pictures. Yates is best known for directing the last four films in the Harry Potter franchise, as well as all three Fantastic Beasts films.

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