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Final Day Challenge (May 15, 2023): Who won Game 176 of Season 39?


Game 176 of Jeopardy! Season 39 aired on May 15, 2023, and here’s what happened. Wendy Swanson and Ben Chan competed against eight-day streak winner Hannah Wilson. Read on to find out the results and answers from the game.

Who won Jeopardy on May 15, 2023?

Returning champion Ben Chan won Jeopardy on May 15, 2023, defeating Hannah’s eight-day winning streak. The categories were under the first round New Zealand Geography, Ordinal Narratives, Dog Breed Time, Scary Sounds, Title Defense, and “mm” Placement in Delicious. While Ben gave fifteen correct answers, Hannah gave nine correct answers, and Wendy gave three correct answers.

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The first round score between Ben $11,800, Hannah $4,000, and Wendy $1,200. Categories under double jeopardy! Round were around, close elections, express opera, scientists, detective observation, and “special” delivery. The result after the tour with Ben was $41,000, Hana $6,800 and Wendy $4,400. Ben gave 34 correct and 2 wrong answers, Hannah gave 12 correct answers with 1 incorrect, and Wendy gave 6 correct answers with 1 wrong.

What is the last question on Jeopardy on May 15, 2023?

Last question on the May 15, 2023, episode of Jeopardy! It came under the Publications category and the guide said: “The co-founder of this magazine that started in 1967 said its name comes primarily from a song title but also referred to the band’s name.” The answer to the clue was, “What is a Rolling Stone?” Even though all three players got the answer right, and Wendy and Hannah doubled their score, Ben bet $19,000 and led the game by a wide margin.

Final results saw Ben Chan $60,000, Hannah Wilson $13,599 and Wendy Swanson $8,600. Hosted by Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings, Jeopardy is currently in its 39th season. The award-winning game show is one of the longest-running game shows of all time with over 8,000 episodes broadcast.

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