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Final Day Challenge (May 19, 2023): Who won Game 180 of Season 39?


Game 180 of Jeopardy! Season 39 aired on May 19, 2023, and here’s what happened. Ben Chan defended his Seven Days title against new contestants Erica Johnson and Chris Hammer. Read on to find out the results and answers from the game.

Who won Jeopardy on May 19, 2023?

Ben Chan won Jeopardy on May 19, 2023, successfully maintaining his six-day winning streak. The categories were under the first round Some Ten Commandments, On a First Name Basis with Booze, Hurray Hollywood! These balls have multiple meanings and portals. While Ben gave fourteen correct and one incorrect answers, Erica gave six correct and zero incorrect answers, and Chris gave five correct and two incorrect answers.

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The first round score is Ben at $10,400, Erica at $3,600 and Chris at $1,400. Categories under double jeopardy! The round was Sweet 1616, Literary Mismatches, The Human Body, Hip-Hop Names, Anagrams, and Gaits and the score after the round was with Ben at $12,400, Erica at $4,800, and Chris at $3,400. While Ben gave 29 correct answers with 5 incorrect answers, Erica gave 9 correct answers with 2 incorrect answers, and Chris answered with 9 correct and 3 incorrect answers.

What is the last question on Jeopardy on May 19, 2023?

The last question for the danger episode on May 19, 2023! It came under the USA category, and the guide said, “People going north on this route say they’re traveling ‘GAME’, which is an acronym related to starting and ending points.” The answer to the guide was, “What is the Appalachian Trail?” All three players gave the correct answers, thus winning the amount of money they bet, but Ben’s lead made him the winner of the game.

The final game results saw Ben Chan $14,800, Erika Johnson $9,600 and Chris Hammer $6,699. Hosted by Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings, Jeopardy is currently in its 39th season. The award-winning game show is one of the longest-running game shows of all time with over 8,000 episodes broadcast.

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