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He was the screenwriter and widow of Andre de Toth ’82 – The Hollywood Reporter


Anne Greene de Toth, screenwriter and film industry veteran who worked with her husband Andre de Toth on many of his projects, has died. She was 82 years old.

De Toth died on March 3 after her third battle with cancer in Toluca Lake, California Los Angeles Times mentioned.

In 1969, she entered the industry, working with producer Jeffrey Selznick and director Andrzej Wajda, as they prepared for their film, Heart of Darkness. After marrying producer Andre de Toth in 1983, she worked with him El CondorAnd You want to killAnd Click the hammerAnd Introduction and reggaeton for loversAnd The silent nineAnd the professor And Temeraire fightingamong many other films.

De Toth also worked, in conjunction with the Department of Defense (Navy), as a research/production assistant at the Marine Corps The dangerous gamea documentary with HRH The Prince of Wales (aka King Charles), who was the Commanding Officer of HSM Bronington at the time.

While working in the industry, she was a member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and the Writers’ Guild of America West. She also worked as an executive secretary at Warner Bros. for Robert A. Daley.

Born in London on 16 June 1940, de Toth taught at a convent school for 10 years before continuing her secretarial training and taking on several secretarial roles. She then worked for Berlitz Language Schools, organizing private courses and recruiting English teachers for European schools. She spoke seven languages.

Her husband, Andre de Toth, died in 2002, and her brother, Jonathan, in 2005. She is survived by another brother, Ian Waring Green, a sister, Sheilagh Anderson, a son, Nick de Toth, and a daughter, Michelle de Toth.

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