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Health update for NFL player Damar Hamlin


Buffalo Bills safety Demar Hamlin suffered a serious injury during a game against the Bengals, which was broadcast on Monday Night Football. The incident had a profound impact on the league and the sporting world in general. Fortunately, Hamlin has now been cleared to resume football activities, according to Bills general manager Brandon Bean. During the first quarter of the Bills’ game against the Bengals in Cincinnati on January 2, Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field after attempting to tackle receiver T Higgins, who had lowered his head into Hamlin’s chest. After the tackle, Hamlin was able to stand up and take two steps before collapsing. He received critical care which ultimately saved his life. Here’s what you should know about this shocking event.

Who is Dammar Hamelin?

Demar Romel Hamlin, born March 24, 1998, is an accomplished American football safety for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL). Hamlin played college football for the University of Pittsburgh before being selected by the Bills in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He initially served as a backup during his rookie season but was promoted to starter in 2022 after Micah Hyde suffered a season-ending injury.

Tragically, during a Monday Night Football game on January 2, 2023, Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after a tackle. Thanks to quick work-up, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillation (AED), he was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. After showing significant improvement, Hamlin was taken to Buffalo Hospital, and nine days later, he was released to continue his rehabilitation at home.

NFL player Damar Hamlin

What happened?

During the first quarter of a January 2 football game in Cincinnati, a tackle by 24-year-old safety Hamlin caused Bengals receiver T. Higgins to hit the ground. After standing up and taking two steps, Hamelin suddenly collapsed. Although Higgins remained uninjured, Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and required cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the field. He was then taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in critical condition.

In the aftermath of this shocking event, fans turned to ESPN for updates on player well-being rather than results or highlights. The game’s announcer, Joe Buck, described the situation as a nightmare, as no one could prepare for such an unexpected turn of events. The long-anticipated game changed abruptly, as football stopped caring about Hamlin’s health. After conflicting reports about the possibility of resuming play, the game was eventually postponed indefinitely.

How is Hamlin’s devastation now?

On January 9, Hamlin was discharged from the intensive care unit at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and transferred to Buffalo General Medical Center/Gates Vascular Institute. He was fully discharged from the hospital on January 11 after undergoing a comprehensive medical evaluation that included neurological, vascular and cardiac examinations.

During an AFC Divisional Divisional game against the Bengals on January 22, Hamlin appeared in the Bills’ locker room before watching the game from a booth. Two minutes into the first half, Hamlin appeared on the Jumbotron, making a heart symbol with his hands and encouraging the crowd to cheer on the defense.

On January 28, Hamlin posted a video to social media expressing his gratitude to the medical staff who cared for him and the people who supported him during his recovery. According to Dr. Timothy Britts, a trauma surgeon who was part of Hamlin’s care team at UCMC, recovery from a life-threatening event like Hamlin’s usually takes several weeks to months. However, Hamlin’s progress was “normal, even accelerated”, indicating that he was ahead of his expected recovery schedule at every stage.

Although Hamlin will require various treatments and care from specialists as he continues to regain strength and recover from the three-day intubation, his doctors refused to speculate how close he would be to a return to normal life. Furthermore, they stated that any discussion of his ability to play football again would be “very much in the future”.

NFL player Damar Hamlin

What is the cause of a heart attack?

The cause of Hamlin’s sudden cardiac arrest remains unknown, but cardiologists have suggested that the impact on his chest may have caused the arrhythmia. This type of injury is rare and requires the chest to be hit within a very short time of about 20 milliseconds while the heart is in a relaxed state.

What was the reaction?

After Hamlin was injured, players returning to training were urged to consider his health and the risks involved in playing with injuries. Veteran Baltimore Ravens defensive end Calais Campbell said it was only natural to wonder if the risks of playing football were worth it. He added that it is important to think about the risks being taken and to decide whether one wants to continue putting oneself in such a situation. Campbell also admitted that he had acted similarly many times before, but the Hamlin incident made him wonder if he would be okay next time. Julian Love, a Giants safety who knew Hamlin from college, explained that his injury was hard to ignore because it was such a terrible event that not many people in the block had ever witnessed. Even President Biden, who spoke with Hamlin’s parents, admitted he didn’t know how to avoid the pitfalls of football.

Where does the game stand?

In a surprising turn of events, the Bengals found themselves leading 7-3 after only nine minutes of play before the game was suddenly stopped. The NFL announced on January 5 that the game would not resume due to “extraordinary circumstances” and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called the decision “difficult but necessary”.

As a result of the game’s cancellation, the team’s owners agreed to adjustments to the AFC Playoffs as the Bills and Bengals were in contention for the top seed in the conference and home court advantage through the playoffs. Since the Bengals and Bills each play one fewer regular season game than other teams in the NFL, the AFC Championship Game would have been played at a neutral site if the participating teams had not played the same number of games and if both teams would have been The top seed if the Bengals-Bills game was completed.

NFL player Damar Hamlin

How does it affect buffaloes?

The city has faced many challenges over the past year, including a tragic mass shooting at a local supermarket in May and a devastating snowstorm during the holiday season. However, one positive aspect was the success of the bills, which brought some much needed joy to the community. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncars expressed relief, noting that the hard times felt like an endless snowball, but hopefully the tide will turn in their favor. It’s time for some good karma to come their way.

Is Demar Hamlin free to return to the match?

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who suffered cardiac arrest during a game in January, has been cleared to resume football activities, according to Bills general manager Brandon Beane. Hamlin received a unanimous pass from three specialists on Friday and has already returned to the team’s facility to begin the off-season training program.

At a press conference, Hamlin expressed his love for the game and his desire to prove himself. The 25-year-old collapsed on the pitch after attempting a routine tackle and required life-saving care before spending nearly a week in intensive care. Since his release, Hamlin has made several high-profile appearances, including meeting with President Biden in the Oval Office and speaking before Congress in support of a bill to fund access to automated external defibrillators in schools.

Hamlin’s agent, Ira Turner, confirmed that Hamlin did not need to sign a special waiver or complete any additional contractual steps to return to play. Bill had him on injured reserve during his recovery. Hamlin has continued to exercise and is said to be in excellent shape.

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