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How did a Taylor Swift fan who couldn’t buy tickets to her Iras tour manage to attend so many shows? Discover


Taylor Swift’s Iras Tour was a huge hit among fans. Since the tour began in March, thousands of Swifties have flocked to every show to watch their favorite artist perform on a 3-hour setlist with 44 songs. However, there are still many fans who were unable to attend Taylor’s concerts due to the exorbitant ticket prices. However, the loyal Swiftie manages to attend many of Taylor’s shows even if he doesn’t have a ticket. How do you ask? Read on to find out.

How did a Taylor Swift fan attend so many IRA tour shows without any tickets?

A huge fan of Taylor Swift, Davis Perego couldn’t get tickets for her tour. So, what he did next made it all over social media. Perego got a job as a security guard at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor did not one but three shows in a row two weeks ago.

Working as a security guard at the venue ensured that Perrigo got one of the best seats. he said during an interview with Channel 5 News (via Just Jared).

He revealed that he had “actually been reprimanded by Taylor’s security”. “They were saying I was doing too hard, and I needed to take it down a bit,” he admitted.

Fans captured videos of him rapping passionately with Taylor and it quickly went viral on social media. “I showed someone at work. I said, ‘Look, this video got 10,000 views,’ and then that night, it was over a million. Oh my God, this is out of control,” Davis Perego said.

While Perrigo went viral for being a fan of TayTay, another security guard went viral for being reprimanded by Taylor herself for being aggressive with a fan during the singer’s show in Philadelphia. How Taylor Swift defended her fans against a security guard quickly made headlines.

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