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‘How did I get this lucky?’: Kevin Jonas wishes wife Danielleo on her birthday


Kevin Jonas took a moment to celebrate his wife, Danielle, on her 37th birthday. In a touching Instagram post, Kevin expresses his profound love and gratitude for Danielle, marking the special occasion with a heartfelt message.

A loving birthday message

Kevin Jonas shares his adoration for his wife, Danielle, on her 37th birthday through a heartfelt Instagram post. Alongside a photo of the couple embracing in front of a white wall, Kevin expresses his feelings of luck and love, celebrating the woman who holds a special place in his heart. Kevin wrote “How did I get this lucky? Happy birthday Danielle. I love you so much!”

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A decade-long love story

Kevin and Danielle Jonas have been married since December 2009, sharing a beautiful journey and have two daughters, Alena Rose and Valentina Angelina. Earlier this year, the couple reflected on their wedding day and the significance of finding each other amidst the chaos of the celebration. They emphasized the importance of their bond and the happiness it brings them. Danielle expressed her deep appreciation for Kevin in a heartfelt Father’s Day tribute in June, highlighting their wonderful family and the love they share.

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In August, Kevin spoke about their parenting journey and the upcoming school year, emphasizing the value of supporting their daughters and encouraging them to do their best as they navigate new challenges.

Kevin Jonas’ touching tribute to Danielle on her birthday underscores the enduring love and happiness they have found in each other’s company. Their decade-long marriage has been filled with cherished moments, from their wedding day to the joys of parenting. As they continue their journey together, Kevin and Danielle remain a shining example of love and commitment in the world of music and beyond.

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