I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with cardio. It’s fun, in theory, but my favorite form of aerobic exercise is walking. And when I saw the 12-3-30 (incline 12, speed 3, 30 minutes) treadmill routine blow up on TikTok, I knew I needed to figure out a way to fit a machine into my space.

Considering I only had 90-square feet to spare, I knew I needed a treadmill that could fold away with ease but was substantial enough to incline—and I found that in the Echelon Stride. It’s the perfect treadmill for my small space, because when I store it folded upright in my hallway I hardly notice it’s there.

When folded for storage, the machine’s deepest depth is 10 inches, so it leaves more than enough room for my roommate and I to move down through our apartment. When I want to use it, I simply wheel it into my living room and get going. I not only use it for my workouts but also to get some extra steps in throughout the day—I’m actually strolling as I type this, and couldn’t be happier.

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