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How Taylor Swift contacted Taylor Lautner for I Can See You music video; Details inside


Among many short-lived romances of Taylor Swift, she once dated Taylor Lautner in 2009 and their story is forever memorialized in the pop star’s music. As they both met on the set of the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day in 2009, playing high school sweethearts, it didn’t take long for their on-screen romance to turn into a real one. However, even after parting ways, they maintained a healthy relationship, as Lautner also featured in Swift’s one of music videos, I Can See You. The internet was on fire when they saw together once again and everyone was just discussing them. Lautner even shared how Swift contacted him for the same.

Taylor Lautner once shared how Taylor Swift approached him for her music video

The pop star surprised fans on the first night of her Eras Tour stop in Kansas City. Fresh off the release of her third re-recorded album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), the singer treated the audience to a brand-new music video for one of its vault tracks, I Can See You starring Taylor Lautner and Joey King. Later, she brought out both actors on The Eras Tour stage, and many were wondering about how this happened. During a conversation on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lautner spoke about starring in Swift’s music video as he talked about the phone call that the pop star made.

The Twilight actor recalled the phone call that led to his unexpected reunion with Taylor Swift, which turned out to be a delight for the fans. Lautner was at home and got a call from his manager. He was shocked upon knowing that Swift’s manager was asking for Lautner’s updated phone number. The manager asked does he needs to tell his wife about it, but she was freaking out as she was a Swiftie herself. “She’s the biggest Swiftie ever, so automatic permission,” he added.

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How long did Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift date?

As they had a short-lived romance in 2009, they deflected relationship speculation at the time they were dating. Reportedly, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated for three months after they met for the first time on the sets of the ensemble rom-com Valentine’s Day in the Summer of 2009 when they were 17 and 19, respectively. In the movie, both of them played

high school sweethearts and turned their on-screen romance into a real one. 

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