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How the Writers’ Strike Affected the MTV Movie & TV Awards – The Hollywood Reporter


The 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards included just a few explicit references to the ongoing writers’ strike, but the indirect event clearly looked different.

The show featured numerous prequels, acceptance speeches, clips from both upcoming movies and TV shows, and past editions of the MTV Movie & TV Awards. In addition, the show, award categories, nominees, and winners were announced via audio commentary, which initially referred to the event as the “2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards Special”.

Host Drew Barrymore, who announced Wednesday that she will not be hosting this year’s edition of the awards in person in solidarity with the brilliant writers, appeared in two sketches near the top of the show, filmed before she pulled out of her live-action manager role.

Barrymore kicked off the show in a pre-opening inspired by her 1999 movie He has never been kissed, dressed as Josie Geller in her 80s, “Josie Grossy” prom dress. Seeking her first smooch, Josie Barrymore has popped up in Scenes From no, M3GANAnd Wed, Top Gun: Maverick and the White LotusThe latter received the 2023 MTV Comedic Genius Award honoree Jennifer Coolidge.

The clip ends with her finally kissing a cocaine bear, as Madonna plays “Like a Prayer” which also appears in He has never been kissedHe plays.

After her moment with the bear, Barrymore’s Josie declared that she feels “alive, like [she] She can do anything” and repeats her line from the movie, “I’m not Josie Grossi anymore.” “

Barrymore has also appeared in advertisements for the show’s sponsor Cheetos Popcorn and a pre-recorded sketch in the form of a theme for Barbie The movie, with Barrymore as “Skipper,” has the actress inserting herself in the trailer for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film. She also went viral in the rain loving video by inserting herself into a scene from Wednesday.

Winners such as Pedro Pascal, who has received multiple awards, and crew Vanderpump Rules Accepted their awards via pre-recorded acceptance letters. And Coolidge delivered the show’s first cue to strike, some 30 minutes into the two-hour telecast, in her pre-acceptance of the Comedic Genius honor.

“Almost all great comedy begins with great writers,” Coolidge said in part, referring to herself as “a proud member of [SAG-AFTRA]”,”

“I stand here before you tonight, along with my sisters and brothers from the WGA who are fighting now, fighting for the rights of artists everywhere,” she continued, before later citing Shakespeare in her show of support.

“I think of Shakespeare’s words where he once said, ‘The play is the thing.’ Well, I don’t want to put the words in his mouth or anything, but I think what he really meant was, ‘It’s Everything. “

Pascal f RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Jinkx Monsoon winner later expressed solidarity with the writers in their advance letters.

Clips from the show also appeared The Little Mermaid, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen And next week Yellow jackets.

Late Friday, the MTV Movie & TV Awards announced they will be moving from a live event to a pre-party, executive producer Bruce Gilmer said, “We can still produce an unforgettable night full of exclusive sneak peeks, irreverent categories our audiences have come to expect and endless moments.” It’s one that will surprise and delight at the same time as we honor the best of film and television over the past year.”

Gilmer began his statement by saying this was part of his team’s attempt to “carefully research how best to deliver the fan-first award show we envisioned our team had worked so hard to create” amid the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike, which began on Tuesday after negotiations with studios and banners broke down the night before.

So on Friday afternoon, MTV intended to move forward with a live show with an in-person audience Sunday night as nominees Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner and presenters. Vanderpump RulesLala Kent, who appeared in a pre-acceptance speech, and crew Joy RideOthers, including Academy Award nominee Stephanie Hsu, all withdrew from the event.

None of the MTV stars previously announced as TV and Movie Awards presenters presented any of the awards on Sunday night’s show with expected luminaries like Jamie Lee Curtis, Gal Gadot, and Tiffany Haddish not even appearing on the telecast.

On Friday afternoon, the Writers Guild of America said it plans to picket outside the ceremony, which is then scheduled to take place at Parker’s Barn in Santa Monica.

Shortly after word broke of the demo, MTV announced it was moving to a former awards show, and the WGA canceled its plans for a sit-down.

Writers are still picketing locations in Los Angeles and New York City since the strike as the union seeks more transparency about crowd flows, minimum wages and protections from small rooms and the use of AI in writing.

Sixth scream And The last of us It topped Sunday night’s winners, taking home awards for Best Picture and Best Show, respectively, among other wins.

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