How To Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp GB

How To Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp GB

You want to know how to freeze last seen on WhatsApp GB if you must ghost someone or do not need your boss or friend to know that you’re online.

Freezing your WhatsApp last seen affords you some privacy. It reduces the number of messages you’d potentially receive if people can’t tell whether you’ve been online or not. Unfortunately, official WhatsApp does not offer this feature, only GBWhatsApp does.

On the official WhatsApp, you can only hide your last seen, which means your online status is visible. Also, you can’t tell the last seen of others.

GBWhatsApp brings more of the experience. However, this website can only recommend installing the official version of WhatsApp—the GBWhatsApp may not be safe.

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Is GBWhatsApp safe?

Unfortunately, we can’t confirm the safety of GBWhatsApp for your privacy and phone. GBWhatsApp is not the official WhatsApp, and nobody knows the developers as much as the developers for the official WhatsApp are known.

Also, GBWhatsApp is not available on popular app stores such as Google Play Store, so you may risk exposing your personal data to scraping, which is a form of cybercrime.

Perhaps, GBWhatsApp is good, but we can’t confirm that. We can only confirm that the features mentioned in this article are all present in the app. We have no affiliation with GBWhatsApp, so we can’t post or encourage links to download.

You’d be installing WhatsApp GB at your peril. But if you trust the app for what it can do, then it’s safe for your mobile phone.

You need to also be careful where you download your GBWhatsApp. Some websites may have you download viruses onto your phone, which exposes your private information to scammers—be careful.

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How To Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp GB

For this section, you will learn how GBWhatsApp lets you freeze your last seen in simple steps. Do the following to freeze your GBWhatsApp last seen:

  • Hit the menu option from the top right corner of your GBWhatsApp.
  • Click the settings option.
  • Click Privacy & Security option.
  • Enable the “Freeze Last Seen” option.

At this point, WhatsApp will no longer update your last seen. Thus, your WhatsApp contacts, including your boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, parents, or manager, will no longer be able to tell if you’re online or offline as your last seen is frozen.

So, if you freeze your GBWhatsApp last seen at 01:00 pm, all your contacts will then see 01:00 pm as your last seen on WhatsApp.

After freezing your last seen, you have to do a couple more things to prevent people from knowing if you froze your last seen. Do not:

  • Change your DP
  • Update new status
  • Change your “about”
  • Open messages
  • Read group messages where your contacts are participants

If you do any of the above, your contacts will know what you’re up to. But if you’re not freezing your last seen to hide from someone, go ahead with your normal use of GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp: disabling the double tick, blue tick, typing status

Freezing your WhatsApp last seen via GBWhatsApp doesn’t end there—you can further disable your last seen. You need to also disable other features, including the double tick, blue tick, and typing status, to keep you completely anonymous.

Double tick. The double tick feature on WhatsApp shows your contact that you received their message and that you’re online. So, it’s pointless for your contact to know you’ve read their message.

The solution is to disable the double tick feature. Now, when you receive a message from someone, they will not get the double tick, which tells them that you’ve not received the message.

Blue tick. If your blue tick is enabled, when you open a WhatsApp message, either accidentally or consciously, your contact will know that you’ve read the message and that you are or were online.

When you enable this feature, your contacts will only get a single grey tick, which means that you’ve not read their message, even after you’ve opened and read it.

Live typing status. When having a conversation with someone, you probably always see the “Typing…” notification, which shows that they’re typing a message to send to you. GBWhatsApp allows you to disable this feature so that after freezing your last seen, your contacts can’t tell when you were last online.

Steps to disable all 3 features:

  • Click the menu option.
  • Go to GB Settings.
  • Click the Privacy and Security option.
  • Click Contacts for all contacts and hit ‘Groups’ for group settings.
  • You’ll have a popup box containing 5 options. Now, click the options for blue tick, double tick, and typing status to disable them.
  • Restart GBWhatsApp.

The next time you launch WhatsApp GB, none of these features will be enabled for your account. These help you to freeze your account in a way that nobody knows your last seen or whether you’re online or offline.


It’s quite unfortunate that the original or official WhatsApp does not support freezing last seen. Instead, you can only hide your last seen, which still displays when you’re online or have received a message. The decision is yours —make it wisely.

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