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‘I’m so happy for her’: Olivia Rodrigo delves into her friendship with Jenna Ortega and on her formative years in Disney world


Olivia Rodrigo, the chart-topping sensation, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview series. Beyond discussing her unexpected driving test mishap, Rodrigo opened up about her deep-rooted friendship with fellow Disney Channel alum Jenna Ortega. In this heartwarming conversation, Rodrigo sheds light on her admiration for Ortega’s character and kindness, emphasizing the bond they share. Here’s a closer look at the interaction, as reported by ET Canada.

A genuine friendship between Olivia Rodrigo and Jenna Ortega

Recalling their shared experience of growing up on the Disney Channel, Rodrigo fondly reminisces, “Jenna and I grew up together on the Disney Channel, which is a very strange way to grow up.” Despite the unconventional backdrop, she has always held Ortega in high regard, admiring her for both her cool demeanor and the remarkable success she has achieved. Rodrigo effusively shares, “I’m so happy for her and all of her success. I truly don’t know anyone more kind or deserving.”

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A driver’s license dilemma

While Rodrigo’s debut single “drivers license” became a sensation, she humorously recounts her initial driving test misadventure. “I booked an appointment to go to the DMV to take my test,” Rodrigo recalls, “and I take my mom’s car, and I pull up, and the test proctor is in the other seat.” However, the car’s horn malfunctioned, leading to a negative outcome. Rodrigo adds with a laugh, “I cried like a baby in the parking lot. I was so distraught. But the second time I took the test, I got a song out of it too.”

During their time on the Disney Channel, Olivia Rodrigo and Jenna Ortega crossed paths. Rodrigo played the role of Paige while Ortega made a memorable cameo in season two’s The BFF episode. Their friendship has endured over time, proving that real connections can be made in the entertainment industry. In a recent interview, Rodrigo shared heartwarming insights into her bond with Ortega, which is based on mutual admiration, kindness, and a shared passion for pursuing their artistic dreams.

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