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Invincible Season 2: Where to watch the sequel? New episode streaming details, release schedule, and more


The first episode of Invincible Season 2 has come out and the fans are already brewing theories about this new season. However, there still are a lot of questions about this Amazon Prime superhero story. The conflict between Omni-Man and Invincible will not only bring a moral conflict to the table but also bring the best of actions to the screens. Here is everything to know about the release schedule, plot predictions, and Season 3 details for this series.

Invincible [Amazon Prime]

Invincible Season 2: Where to watch the sequel?

Just like the first season, the second one is also available on the official pages of Amazon Prime. The first episode of Invincible Season 2 has already come out on the platform. The series premiered its second season on November 3, 2023. Here is the schedule of the next episodes that will come out.

New episodes release schedule

The entire second season is listed for 8 episodes, much like the first season. Invincible Season 2 will air episodes every week with each one coming out on a Friday. But the most Prime Video originals land in the U.S. a bit early on Thursday nights. 

These eight episodes are split into two parts, and there will come a mid-season hiatus in between. Thus, the next four episodes are expected to be released after a break. We will be sure to update this section as soon as the release details of the second part are revealed.

Episode 1: November 3, 2023

Episode 2: November 10, 2023

Episode 3: November 17, 2023

Episode 4: November 24, 2023

Episode 5: TBA

Episode 6: TBA

Episode 7: TBA

Episode 8: TBA

Invincible [Amazon Prime]

Season 1 Recap

Apart from the worldbuilding, character set-up, and introductions, the first season had a much more serious theme to deal with. And this was part of the bigger narrative that stretches out in the second season as well. So, at the start, we see that Mark Grayson, the protagonist lives with the secret that his father, the Omni-Man, is the strongest superhero in the world. ‘

The boy soon comes to find that he also possesses the powers of his father. But behind this lies a big secret Omni-Man is the representative of the planet called Viltrum that aims to capture Earth and rule over its beings. And as the story unfolds, the true colors of this superhero come out. By the end of the season, it is revealed that Omni-Man had murdered all the members of the Guardians of the Globe. And now, it is only Mark who can save the fate of Earth.

Amidst the superhero turmoil, Mark grapples with a love triangle involving Amber and Atom Eve, adding further complexity to his already chaotic life. Robot, now leading the Guardians, embarks on a contentious mission to craft a new body for himself. Simultaneously, the adversaries from Invincible’s rogues’ gallery continue to elude capture, hatching schemes for retribution.

Season 1 effectively lays the groundwork for the imminent showdown between Invincible, and Omni-Man, and the impending menace posed by the Viltrumites, setting the stage for a Season 2 filled with intense action and compelling emotional conflicts.

Invincible [Amazon Prime]

Season 3 is also renewed!

It was ahead of the finale of the first season that the castmates of the show took to Twitter, now X, to share the news of the sequel’s renewal. And with Season 2, the third season was also renewed. Robert Kirkman, who is the creator of the season, shared the news with his followers and the world. 

He confirmed that the new season is all set to come out. You can check out the announcement right here:

What to expect from season 2?

The new season has a lot of storylines to take up. Here, the story is expected to delve deeper into the sinister plans of the Sequids. On the other side, the impending attack on Mars is something that will make up for a bigger conflict. Titan’s growing criminal empire and Allen’s space adventures will likely add intricate layers to the narrative. Mark’s moral dilemmas, particularly concerning Cecil’s methods, will continue to be a central theme.

On the other hand, Omni-Man’s return to space and potential reunion with the Viltrumites, alongside the consequences of his abandonment, will be a captivating subplot. However, the crux of the season may revolve around Angstrom Levy, a formidable villain with a grudge against Mark spanning multiple dimensions. As the multiverse aspect unfolds, viewers can anticipate confrontations, power struggles, and a deeper exploration of the characters’ complex dynamics, making Invincible Season 2 a highly anticipated season.

Invincible Season 2 Cast details

The cast of Invincible 2 features a mix of returning fan-favorite actors and exciting newcomers, promising to continue the gripping storytelling that made the first season a hit. Notably, Steven Yeun returns as Mark, the titular hero, while Sandra Oh reprises her role as Debbie Grayson, and Zazie Beetz continues as Amber Bennett. 

Joining them are esteemed actors like Sterling K. Brown as Angstrom Levy, Gillian Jacobs as Atom Eve, and Zachary Quinto as Robot, adding depth to the character dynamics. Exciting additions to the roster include guest stars like Ezra Miller, Seth Rogen, and Mahershala Ali, each bringing their unique talents to the animated world of Invincible. 

We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any more details on this. Thus, keep an eye on Pinkvilla for more intel!

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