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Is Donald Trump and his wife Melania facing a problem after a sexual assault case? Discover


Donald Trump is making headlines as it seems that all is not well with the former President of the United States. There appears to be a threat to his marriage to his wife Melania, which has now added to another pile of issues. Melania threatened to amend her prenuptial agreement after a Manhattan, New York, jury ordered Donald Trump to pay $5 million to E.J. Carroll for defamation and violence in connection with an alleged sexual assault in 1996.

The ongoing Donald Trump and Melania affair

According to Radar Online, one person added, “This was really a take it or leave it situation. Let’s just say Melania wasn’t in the mood to negotiate with Donald.” According to reports, the dramatic experience led Melania to assume she could increase her allowance and change the new agreement in her favour.

Earlier, sources said that the couple had been in a separation trial for three months and that Melania had hired divorce lawyers. “She was going to spend the summer in Europe with Barron, to find out her next steps in her marriage,” the insider told the publication, adding, “But Donald was desperate and had to make a deal, so I took advantage of the situation.”

Melania’s motive towards Donald Trump is the pursuit of advantage

Another source said Melania took advantage of her husband’s political ambitions to secure more favorable acquiescence. After agreeing to move from Trump Tower in New York City to the White House following her husband’s 2016 victory, the former supermodel shredded an old copy of the papers and got a much better deal. “Remember, Melania didn’t join Donald in Washington for five long months after his inauguration,” a source said, adding that she “played the situation to her advantage at the time — and saw no reason why she couldn’t do it again.”

Insiders reportedly believe Trump acquiesced to her demands in order to run for president in 2024 and escape a multibillion-dollar divorce.

Meanwhile, Trump, who is 76, called Carroll a liar when she revealed her accusations, but the court ordered him to compensate the accused. According to sources, Melania vowed to shake him up by renegotiating their prenuptial agreement. In return for her help with her campaign, the former first lady reportedly sought to increase her monthly allowance and increase the inheritance of their son, Barron, 17.

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