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Is Elon Musk ready to date Taylor Swift? The billionaire’s Twitter reaction went viral


Taylor Swift is currently touring the US in support of her latest album, Midnights. Tay Tay kicked off her amazing tour this week and the “Tell Me Why” singer has left no stone unturned to make her show a hit record. Taylor Swift’s Iras Tour is one of the most impressive shows of all time and is getting huge attention from people all over the world. And Twitter CEO Elon Musk also seems to be trying to court the singer’s luck as he keeps up with all the updates about Swift.

Elon Musk’s tweet suggests he’s paying tribute to the singer

Recently, Elon Musk stunned fans with his bizarre comment under pictures of Taylor Swift. The millionaire responded to a tweet posted by Shibitoshi Nakamato’s account that included various photos of the singer from her IRAS tour. The tweet said, “Taylor Swift rules, and if you don’t agree, I’m sure you will be kicked off the internet.” Unexpectedly, Elon Musk responded to that tweet and said, “Her skill in limbic resonance is exceptional.” His tweet left netizens stunned and sparked hysterical reactions on the internet. On March 17, the singer shared a bunch of photos from the night of her performance on Twitter, describing it as “in my era.” The Tesla founder responded with a cigarette emoji the next day.

Fans react to Elon Musk’s comments about Taylor Swift

Netizens never expected the whole scenario involving Elon Musk and Taylor Swift. His recent tweets have caused a stir on social media. One person commented, “Elon tweets a quick cigarette to Taylor. We unite under this meme.” The second person wrote, “I’m so confused. Can someone explain what Elon’s limbic suspension means?”. Another user said, “I want to sleep early but Elon Musk is publicly commenting on Taylor’s photo. I think I’ll be staying here for a while.” A fourth user commented, “I’m so confused. Can someone explain what Elon’s limbic suspension means?”

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