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Is Kim Kardashian ‘okay’ with Kanye West’s new wife Bianca Sensory hanging around her kids?


Kim Kardashian, who went so far as to restrict Kanye West’s new wife Bianca Censori from appearing in the picture in terms of co-parenting her kids, couldn’t get the deal she wanted. Legally, Kanye West has the same rights as Kim to take care of his children.

Although the war between Kanye and Kim has always been going on since the split, what Kim Kardashian was finding difficult was an extra entry into her space, making her seem uncomfortable when it came to her children’s outlook and well-being.

A good mom to her kids, Kim Kardashian, who she shares with Kanye West, was royal with Bianca Sensory entering the frame.

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How Kim Kardashian is keeping up with the new co-parenting arrangement

All that said, even in the midst of Kanye West’s current relationship with his new wife, Bianca Sensory, Kim is doing her best to share her dad in a friendly way.

Kanye West, who now goes by the name “Ye,” and her wife Censori, an architect for Yeezy, whom West married in January, are spending more time with Kim and Kanye’s four children, ages 9 (daughter North), 7 (son Saint). ), 5 (daughter of Chicago), and 3 (son of Psalm).

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship is fine,” the source reported to ET, though the couple “still have some back-and-forth with some arguments.”

But co-parenting is their main goal, and that’s always a primary focus for Kim.

Kim also added that since Bianca has been around the kids, Kanye has been at peace, all the needed mom-of-four. Since this arrangement works for everyone without making a fuss about the situation and keeping things at ease, it’s adjustable for Kim Kardashian.

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Ever since Kanye West entered into a stable relationship with his wife Bianca, Kim Kardashian has been looking for the same thing?

Kim Kardashian has come out and talked about being open about the relationship. Reportedly, Kim dated Pete Davidson for nine months, which didn’t seem to be going well for the Skim founder.

The insider added, “She is very focused on her children and their development in a healthy atmosphere, and that will always be her priority. However, she may meet someone new in the future. She is looking for a life-enriching relationship that adds value to her life.”

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