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‘It has changed my life’: When Selena Gomez revealed she hasn’t been on the internet for years after mental health struggles


Selena Gomez has a great following on Instagram. The singer is well known for keeping her fans updated about her life through her social media posts and stories. From sharing her struggle with mental health and generating awareness for the same, she also keeps her  entertained with her fun and adventurous life. But here’s a twist: Gomez hasn’t been on the internet in a very long time. So if she doesn’t uses the internet, who makes those interesting posts and stories? Well, she has someone who does it for her. Meanwhile, in 2022, Gomez revealed she hasn’t been on the internet for good reason.

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Selena Gomez revealed she hasn’t been on the internet in years

Selena Gomez is one of the world’s most followed people, with 428 million Instagram followers and counting. Despite this, she hasn’t accessed the site or the internet in about five years.

The 29-year-old singer-actress came on Good Morning America Monday in 2022 to discuss her mental wellness journey, which she said took a significant turn for the better after she decided to break away from social media. She said, “I haven’t been on the internet in four and a half years. It has changed my life completely.”

She further explained that she helps her staff curate her work, but she isn’t the one who hits the publish button. “I am happier, more present, and I connect more with people. It makes me feel more normal.”

Gomez had already spoken up about her battles with bipolar disorder and anxiety, which she claimed were aggravated by her life in the spotlight. Being healthier meant removing herself as much as possible from that lifestyle. She told GMA, “I can’t believe I’m where I am mentally, just because I took the necessary steps to kind of remove myself from that… because it’s just not normal.

Selena Gomez’s mental health struggles

Selena Gomez opened up about her mental struggles in her 2022 documentary’s song, My Mind & Me. Where she spoke about her issues in detail and mentioned she wouldn’t wish them on anyone. As we all know, the Single Soon singer had previously battled with lupus, which required a kidney transplant. Later, she also opened up and revealed that she had a psychotic break, which was later diagnosed as bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.

According to the LA Times, Gomez said, “I don’t wish it on anyone, but the psychotic break, as painful as it was, actually led me to my diagnosis. I sought assistance. Medication is something I believe in. It completely transformed my life. I hope that part of the message in sharing my story was, ‘You should never stop figuring out who you are’. I just hope that those who are suffering understand that they are not alone. I think I’m at the point now where I can wear it proudly and without feeling ashamed, and I want to keep being honest about my journey because I don’t feel like I have anything to hide.”

Meanwhile, this year has been very busy for Gomez, as she was on vacation with her friends and family. On the work front, the Rare singer was last seen in Season 3 of Only Murders in the Building, and she even released a new song called Single Soon on August 25th, 2023.

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