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‘It was part of the DNA’: Tom Holland’s USD 10.2 billion trilogy gets its official title


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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy within the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been officially dubbed the Home trilogy, a name that carries profound significance in the world of superheroes and box office records as discussed by The Direct. Revealed in the artbook for Spider-Man: No Way Home, this title solidifies the trilogy’s place in cinematic history.

What’s up, Tom Holland’s home trilogy?

Financially, the Home trilogy has been nothing short of a blockbuster phenomenon, accumulating a jaw-dropping $10.2 billion in global box office revenue. But its impact extends far beyond mere monetary success. It has contributed significantly to the enduring legacy of Peter Parker on the big screen, a legacy first established by Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man franchise.

A still from Spider-Man No Way Home!

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The trilogy’s director, Jon Watts, masterfully structured the three films to represent different years of Peter Parker’s high school journey. As per the reports, Watts mentioned, “…if you start sophomore year, you could do sophomore year, junior year, senior year – one movie at a time.” He reportedly continued and explained, “The idea that they are all the same thing and they could all come together and sort of help each other, that to me felt like it was part of the DNA of the story we were already trying to tell. And that gave me an entry point to get them together so that it was actually a story element and an emotional thing.” 

Significance of the new title

The choice of the title Home trilogy is laden with symbolism. It reflects the central theme of Peter Parker’s character: his sense of responsibility and his quest to find a place to call home. This title also underscores the trilogy’s significance within the broader MCU, as it becomes the first character-centric trilogy to receive an official name.

A still from Spider-Man No Way Home!

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Marvel Studios’ decision to bestow this honor upon the Home trilogy is a significant departure from its previous nomenclature practices. Even the mighty Thor, another iconic character in the MCU, did not receive a designated title for his trilogy. This development prompts speculation about whether Marvel Studios will adopt a similar approach for other character trilogies in the future.

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