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Jack Osbourne reveals daughter Maple is a big fan of grandpa Ozzy Osbourne but ‘scared’ of him ‘IRL’


Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary rock icon, known for his successful music career, is married to Sharon Osbourne, a television personality and music manager. Together, they have three children, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack Osbourne. The Osbourne family became widely recognized through their reality TV show, The Osbournes, which provided a candid and humorous look into their lives. Over the years, they have faced numerous challenges and changes, but their strong bonds and unique personalities have continued to captivate fans and media alike.

Jack Osbourne’s 15-month-old daughter is a big fan of Ozzy

On the latest episode of The Osbournes Podcast, iconic rocker Ozzy Osbourne playfully prods his son, Jack Osbourne, to “bring the grandkids to come see me!”

Jack, 37, responded with a humorous revelation, sharing that his youngest daughter, 15-month-old Maple, who is the daughter of Jack and his wife, Aree Gearhart is apprehensive about her grandfather in real life, saying, “I f—ing will … she’s scared of you IRL.”

Jack then turned to his sister, Kelly Osbourne, updating her on a recent viral video featuring Maple. He recounted, “You haven’t seen the new video, where she’s pointing. We put on ‘Crazy Train,’ like an actual performance. She does the ‘I, I, I,’ but she’s pointing at the TV and going ‘Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa,’ on repeat like a broken record.”

The proud father, who also has daughters Pearl Clementine, Andy Rose, and Minnie Theodora from his previous marriage to Lisa Stelly, continued by humorously adding, “[But] in real life when she sees him, she’s like, ‘Oh f–k, there he is’.”

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Maple’s excitement watching grandfather Ozzy Osbourne

In an endearing video recently shared by Ozzy Osbourne’s son on Instagram, 15-month-old Maple radiated with excitement as she watched her legendary grandfather perform alongside his band on television. With uncontainable enthusiasm, she repeatedly called out his name, “Papa,” while excitedly pointing at the TV screen each time Ozzy made an appearance. Jack, seated behind his daughter, observed the heartwarming spectacle with affection, as his father’s performance turned into Maple’s exclusive private party.

Jack captioned the heartwarming video with, “Maple thinks she’s getting a private performance from Papa.”

Ozzy and Sharon, who have been married for over 40 years, have five grandchildren. Additionally, from Ozzy’s previous marriage to Riley, he is also a grandfather to his son Louis’ children, Elijah and Maia, as well as his daughter Jessica’s three kids, Isabelle, Harry, and Kitty.

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