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Jake Gyllenhaal looked ripped while filming the Road House at UFC 285 Weigh Ins; Details inside


On Friday, Jake Gyllenhaal flaunted his buxom physique while filming a shirtless scene for the Road House remake. Gyllenhaal’s toned body with bulging abs and tiny abs set the internet on fire. Here are more details about Gyllenhaal’s transformation for his latest film.

Jake Gyllenhaal for the Road House reboot

For the Road House reboot, Jake Gyllenhaal completely changed his body for the upcoming role. While at UFC 285 ceremonial bantamweight, Gyllenhaal did a UFC mock bantamweight plus showdown for the Road House. During the shot, he looks completely ripped as he shows off his new physique.

Last month, even Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Jake Gyllenhaal for his body transformation for the movie role. Schwarzenegger said Gyllenhaal got in incredible shape for his latest movie. The professional bodybuilder said that this body transformation was really extraordinary because it is literally fat free.

On the UFC stage, Gyllenhaal ripped off his weight on the podium before slapping opponent Jay Heron. The former also roared to the crowd, who showed concern. Although some fans believe that even after building a great physique, Jake’s slapping technique is not very good.

In the film, Gyllenhaal plays a former UFC fighter who starts working as a bouncer in the Florida Keys and soon realizes that not everything is as mellow as it seems in the tropical paradise.

In a 2022 Good Morning America interview, Jake said that as the late Patrick Swayze starred in the original movie, there are some huge shoes to fill. Jake also worked with Patrick in the 2001 science fiction fantasy film. Gyllenhaal said that Swayze has always been in love with him and that he learned from his ex.

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