“Love Is Blind” star Jarrette Jones is already beginning his healing journey!

Last week, Jones and his wife Iyanna McNeely, who met and fell in love sight unseen on the second season of Netflix’s reality series, announced they had come to the decision to part ways.

The road to the altar for the couple had been a bit rocky. Not only were their different personalities evident from the get-go, but McNeely also struggled to reassure herself that her man was fully committed to their relationship; Jones had also formed a meaningful connection with fellow contestant Mallory Zapata before she had decided to pursue Salvador ‘Sal’ Perez.

More Details About Their Split

'Love Is Blind' Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely 'Have Separated'
Instagram | Jarrette Jones

Both McNeely and Jones have been vocal about the trials and tribulations of marriage they had learned ahead of their first anniversary.

In the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming special “Love Is Blind: After The Altar,” which provides fans with a current update on the love lives of season two’s stars, Jones can be heard discussing the difficulties of marriage, and we also see the couple pondering whether they should see their struggles through, or pull the plug on their marriage.

The duo’s divorce announcement gave fans a chance to keep up with the Joneses and bring the public up to speed on the health of their relationship.

According to our announcement coverage, both McNeely and Jones shared somber text posts on their respective Instagram accounts.

The couple was adamant about stressing how much they value one another and the unique way they had found each other.

“This experience has taught us so much about ourselves, vulnerability, and love,” McNeely and Jones wrote in the announcement, before reassuring their fans and followers, “we don’t regret a single thing!”

Let’s Talk Healing: How Are McNeely and Jones Navigating Divorce So Far?

Late last week, we reported McNeely had kickstarted her single life and had begun the healing process by grabbing dinner with her friend and fellow castmate, Natalie Lee.

Lee and McNeely clearly had A LOT to catch up on; Lee had mentioned their dinner had lasted for more than four hours, according to our report, per People.

McNeely’s soon-to-be ex-husband is also stepping into singleness.

Over the weekend, Jones shared an Instagram photo set where he can clearly be seen enjoying himself while visiting Costa Rica!

Jones captioned his photos, “In a world full of opinions, I have everything to be grateful for!”

A certain someone provided her opinion in the comment section!

'Love Is Blind' Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely 'Have Separated'
Instagram | Love Is Blind

McNeely commented, “That’s right. Live your life” she also included hand clapping emojis after each word. As of this writing, McNeely is still going by her married name on Instagram, as well!

Healing isn’t all about posting aesthetically pleasing photos on social media and having our ex encourage us in the comment section, however. Sometimes it’s necessary for us to take a moment of solitude for ourselves and turn to sources of comfort.

Earlier this morning Jones did just that. He shared a series of helpful reminders on his Instagram story.

Jarrette Jones' IG story

The numbered list contained six important pieces of wisdom to remember.

It reads, “1. The past cannot be changed, 2. Opinions never define your reality, 3. Everyone’s journey is different, 4. Things always get better with time, 5. Judgments are a confession of character,” and the sixth and final reminder said, “Overthinking will lead to sadness.”

At the bottom of the post, Jones added text which says, “Somebody needed to see this.”

Was Jones talking about himself? Regardless, these tips are fitting for anyone’s healing journey and can serve as just general reminders for navigating daily life!

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