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Joel Edgerton owes “much” of his career to George Lucas – The Hollywood Reporter


Joel Edgerton talks about his time as Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker’s uncle, in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clonesbefore returning to the character two decades later Obi-Wan Kenobi.

While the 2002 installment of star Wars Not getting glowing reviews across the board, Edgerton acknowledges that the film and creator George Lucas contributed greatly to the trajectory of his career.

“I owe a lot in my career to George who gave me this job. He opened all the doors to Hollywood,” the actor said. NME. “He’s letting everyone in L.A. welcome me and go, ‘Oh, he’s there.'” star Wars. Let’s give him an audition for other things.”

Although he has indicated how much he owes Lucas, Edgerton admitted he was a little hesitant about returning to the role of Owen Lars in the Disney+ series.

“I was a little … not cocky but reticent about going, ‘I’ve done this before,'” he said. “I always joked that Uncle Owen was the most boring character in her star Wars History because he’s a moisture farmer, and he can’t use a lightsaber.” But, he added, “I saw it as a way to complete a circuit of sorts.”

Despite his final decision to appear in the series, The great Gatsby The star explained that he wanted to add more layers to the character than he had before.

“Everyone thinks Uncle Owen is a whiny, grumpy ‘say no’ dude,” Edgerton said. “I was like, ‘This is my chance to put a little more context around that and have people maybe like it a little bit more.'” “And I think we did.”

He continued, “My only warning for me was, ‘I know what you’re planning with the story and how it unfolds, and I’m not asking for more screen time, I just want to do something cool. ‘” Can I have at least one fight? Can I at least throw up my burlap sleeves and get into a one-on-one fight? ”

The writers obliged, and Owen ended up fighting Moses Ingram’s Reva Sivander, which the actor said made it even more special. “How cool is that?”

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