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Justin Bieber kissed Hailey Bieber cheering her on in a new Instagram post; says “proud of you”


Justin Bieber showers his wife Hailey Bieber with love.

The 29-year-old pop star hasn’t been very active on social media lately, which has fans eager to catch a glimpse of him and his personal life. Well, it looks like they got lucky today because Justin just moved to his Instagram space and posted some new photos, including one with Hailey. Scroll below to take a look.

Justin Bieber kisses Hailey Bieber in a new Instagram post

Earlier today, Justin took to the ‘Gram and posted three new photos. In the first photo, we can see the Peach singer giving Hailey a peck of the lips. The second picture shows Hailey and Justin from their dinner date in London. While Hailey was shining in a strapless silver dress, Justin was seen sporting a black leather jacket and hoodie with a brown baseball cap. Hailey is also seen holding a glass of drink in her hands. The third and final picture featured Hailey’s skincare and beauty brand, Rudd.

Sharing these photos, Justin captioned the post, “Proud of you (emotional emoji) rhode is launching in the UK (a lot of emoji)”

Check out Justin Bieber’s Instagram post with Hailey Bieber

Fans react to photos of Justin Bieber with Hailey Bieber

As soon as Justin dropped these new photos with Hailey Baldwin Bieber, fans and followers flooded the post with reactions. One fan commented, “Justin Bieber posted 5,000 years later.” Others believe that it was Hailey who posted these photos from Justin’s Instagram handle. One follower commented, “We all know she took his phone and posted this (laughing emoji).” Another fan commented, “Ig someone is going to say Hailey stole his phone… (skull emoji) text emoji is literally the one he usually likes to use…and we’re all so proud of Hailey.” Another fan praised Justin when they wrote, “The sweetest and most supportive husband (Lots of emojis)”.

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