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Kaavia was there for a ‘Blue Ivy concert’: Gabrielle Union on daughter’s first concert experience


Gabrielle Union, the renowned actress, recently opened up about a special family outing that involved taking her 4-year-old daughter, Kaavia James Wade, to Beyoncé’s iconic Renaissance World Tour stop in Los Angeles. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Union reflects on the unique experience and Kaavia’s amusing reaction to the concert.

Kaavia’s first concert adventure

According to Union, Kaavia’s first concert experience was described as a memorable event that she will cherish. This was a different outing compared to her usual trips to Disneyland where she would meet her favourite characters. The concert went on past Kaavia’s usual bedtime, making the 4-year-old understandably excited and a little delirious. Kaavia attended the show with her best friend Crosby and was really enjoying it. However, her excitement was short-lived when she realized that her favorite part, Blue Ivy’s performance, was brief. Union had to gently explain to her that it was just a portion of the concert, which Kaavia found humorous and dubbed it the “Blue Ivy concert”.

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After Blue Ivy’s part concluded and Beyoncé returned to the stage, Kaavia eagerly asked where Blue was, prompting her to return to the front rows for a closer look. However, Kaavia’s enthusiasm waned when she realized Blue Ivy had left the stage, and she humorously remarked, “The mom is cool, but she hasn’t even sung ‘Single Ladies.'” Union fondly jokes that Kaavia had attended the “Blue Ivy concert,” as they playfully refer to it in their household.

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A memorable evening for the whole family

Union has also revealed that her 17-year-old daughter, Zaya, thoroughly enjoyed the show. Being a huge fan of Beyoncé, Zaya was ecstatic to experience the event with her friends in Club Renaissance. The concert was not just a musical extravaganza but also a joyous celebration of the community. Union couldn’t stop basking in the afterglow of the event for days.

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