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Kim Kardashian’s Bob in New SKIMS Ad Immediately Gets the Meme Treatment


Is that Kim Kardashian or Lord Farquaad we are seeing? The socialite and mogul just debuted a new bob, and the similarities with the Shrek villain’s infamous hairdo are keeping meme-makers on Twitter (or X, for those of you on Musk’s side) extremely busy.

Kim Kardashian wore the bob in a SKIMS video campaign promoting the brand’s new Ultimate Bra, and the social app wasted absolutely zero time poking fun at the cut. In the video, Kardashian wears her hair in a center-parted, curled-under chin-length bob.

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She’s worn similar looks before, but for some reason, this one stuck. The bob gives early-’90s, but it also does look a bit like the aforementioned Lord, or perhaps Willy Wonka? Taylor Swift? All of the above? If there was ever a time to flex your comedy skills and encyclopedic meme knowledge, it was now. Cue the tweets in three, two, one!

Some users compared bobbed Kardashian to Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka, tweeting things like, “Run for your life Augustus Gloop!” or asking what would happen when she decides to run a chocolate factory.

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